Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast with a side of Memories

Chelsea is at a sleepover.

The boys are still asleep.

Fox News is interviewing Franklin Graham.

I am just about to dig in to a sweet
and intentional breakfast.

Normally, if I eat breakfast it is
a bowl of cereal. That's it! No
frills...that is fine. I have never
enjoyed breakfast.

However, this morning I wanted to
show you the cute little plate
that I purchased at the Pfaltzgraff
Outlet when they closed. Actually,
I got five of them at 49 cents each.

Love them. They are heavy and gorgeous!

On my way through the kitchen I passed
the chocolate Chip muffins that called
to me from the discount section of the
Supermarket yesterday.

So...seeing that the muffin is likely a
bit dry some tea was in order.

This teacup was one of my Grandmother's.
She has been gone to Heaven for eighteen years
already. Hard to believe. I had just found out
I was expecting Jonathan and had written her a
letter to tell her. Very shortly after that
an aneurism took her. So, while she never got
to meet him in person...that letter, so uncharacteristic
for me...made her very happy. It was easy to spot
on her desk as Mom was sorting things out.

So, this morning I will sip Celestial Seasonings
Perfectly Pear White Tea...from this cup...
and think of my sweet, gentle Grandmother.

The yogurt...well, it is good for me!
No ancient memories...just some time
at the store with my three children yesterday.
Mikey really wanted some yogurt.
Who knew that fruit on the bottom was his fav?
Well, I do now.

Better get going before the tea gets cold.

Hope you have a special day today.
Take some time for a few precious
memories and enjoy!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Ronda said...

Good Morning sweet Becky,
I just luv the tea cup of your grandmothers. It's so delicate and lovely. I do so hope you enjoy treating yourself this morning to a yummy & healthy breakfast. Enjoy some peace and quiet and the Lords presence all at the same time, while sipping you lovely tea.
Blessings to you my friend.
Have A Peachy Keen Day.
Love & Prayers,

Terri and Bob said...

I love dishes! Especially dishes that cost 50 cents each! Your breakfast sounds lovely. I think you enjoyed the art of it as much as the food!

Alicia said...

Sweet post Becky! Now go and enjoy your yummy breakfast. I am not much of a breakfast person either, but I do make sure to eat something so I stay full and to get my metabolism going for the day....and now to nourish my baby!

Nicole said...

That sounds great! I also only every have a bowl of cereal :) I do more of the big breakfast stuff for dinner :)

I love the tea cup. I have two that were my great grandmother's as a child. Very precious!

Have a good day!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Your breakfast sounds lovely.