Monday, January 26, 2009

I Was a Wild Woman....not!

I felt a little crazy, though.

It was dark and cold.

No one else in the car.

I was headed...bowling on a Sunday night!
Yes, I was!
And it was FREE!

No one else in our house was willing
to go with me, but my friend Jana and
her family were going, Grandpa Bob, of
Creekside Cottage fame, and
a couple of Grandgirls too.

In Warren's defense he is recuperating
from a cold and wasn't feeling up to going.

So, we met up at the local bowling alley...
just a half an hour from here...I drove in the cold
and the dark...all alone in the car.
The radio played what I wanted it to play...
This never happens when the kids are in the
car with me...

I guess you could consider the evening fun.
The friends were great.
My bowling was absolutely terrible.
So sad.
So very, very sad.

However Grandpa Bob had a very good game
and Miss Lindsay made sport out of bowling
very well. Hmmmmph!

It was all fun and games until it was time
to drive home at 11-ish! Somehow everything
seems more ominous when you are alone... and the
temperature is in the low teens. When you have
left the cell phone at home. You begin praying
that the tires won't blow out and that the engine
stays happy!

I learned that this is one time of the
day that the Amish buggies don't even attempt
to get off to the side of the road for you.
Not much traffic...
you can go around, they must be thinking.
I don't blame them...the edges of the road are
rough...but I do wish the buggies
were better lit.
I get afraid for them.

All was well.

Before I know it there will be more of these times
where I flit off by myself for this or that because
the kids will be happily living their lives from
some other base...but until that happens I think
I will enjoy their presence...a lot!

Not their music, mind you...
but their presence!

We all watched Prince Caspian Saturday evening.
I loved it!
Even so, though, I just kept looking around the
room soaking in the togetherness!

Ever been there?
Gotta love it!

Just a few short years ago it seemed the parenting journey and
the frustrations of little ones would never end. I know, they
are not supposed to be frustrating but sometimes they are...really.
When you have passed the stomach bug around and around...or the
creativity and scissors meet in really bad places.

The time we have with them.

But for last night...I was a Wild Woman!
Almost. Not really.
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

You are definitely heading down the right track. You'll be a mad woman some day!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Lindsay had fun last night!

Alicia said...

A sweet post Becky. You and Auntie Dee have such hearts for mothering and taking in the moments. My mom is the same way. Like you said time is fleeting and it flies by. I pray that as I become a mom in the next month or so that I would take in all the moments with our new son and will treasure each and every day. You are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I think you can be wild!!! Just haven't seen it yet!!!

Be grateful there wasn't fog. Last year leaving your house, there was fog most of the way to Kinzers!

The years my kiddos were little seems another lifetime ago! Yes, it goes fast.

Lisa said...

Sometimes bowling trips are wild. It sounds like a fun time. I haven't been in years. Yes, take in those fleeting moments. Time travels entirely too fast.