Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayerful Thoughts and Decisions

This past week has been one of much reflection
in my heart. I have been trying to decide which
of the many activities and endeavors to continue
with and which to let go.

I love that I can help others go on Mission Trips
with the candles. I do not love the lack of
storage and the fact that I must use our kitchen
to do it. This week I will pay my former business
partner back, in full, the investment she made to
get us started. Then I will be in a position of
deciding to keep, close or attempt to sell the business.
Hmmm....It weighs on me.

There are things about our Homeschooling that I am
going to change. Some that I thought would be an
easy decision and please my husband were surprisingly
not what he would recommend. So, I will listen to him
and keep seeking his guidance. In the meanwhile I must
readjust my thoughts and wonder what is in store for
the future...Good thing I talked to him before just doing
what I thought would please him...yikes! That was close!

I must, must keep giving these things over to the Lord.
It is hard. I want a resolution. I want it now.
However, I have learned one thing over the years.
The Lord's timing is rarely the same as ours.

Our Pastor is so good at "Waiting on the Lord".
Sometimes to the point of distraction.
It has been eye-opening to this "do-er" to watch
the Lord open doors, close doors and make His will
obvious in the life of our Pastor and our church.

Even so, I will gratefully accept your prayers for
this impatient Child of God, as I seek His Will.

These things are not big...in light of eternity...
however, they are distractions from my family and
my work for Him.

Hope your day is stress-free...I know that in most
cases it is not.
We carry burdens...we ponder a lot!

I'll be thinking about you. Thanks for the notes on
the Sunday Post about Unspoken Requests. You remain
on my mind and in my prayers!


♥♥Becky K.♥♥


~~Deby said...

I am not the best at waiting and yet when I do...and know that I have given something to the Lord...wow what peace. It is something you learn to do...CASTING ...all your cares on Him...I think of casting out a net on the water...just literally tossing it over to the Lord and saying"it is YOURS, I can't do this"...I don't do it often enough that is for sure.

Terri and Bob said...

If you will pray for patience for me, I'll pray for patience for you!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Yes..we do ponder a lot don't we?

I will keep you in my prayers...keep silent so you can hear Him when he speaks.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have got to get away once in awhile to listen for God's wisdom (and read the Word).

Otherwise life is too complicated.

My daughter was going to talk to a friend a couple of weeks ago who is thinking of giving up homeschooling. She was going to loan her a favorite CD by my friend, Sallie, for encouragement.

I told her my advice (having gone through twelve years) is that homeschooling is not a sprint but a marathon.

There will be times when one is out of breath and ready to quit but in the end it is worth it. UNLESS, you know God is telling you to put the kids in school.

Then we must follow Him.

I love your music. I usually read on Bloglines so I don't hear it. :)

Alicia said...

Waiting on the Lord....a discipline we must all learn, and we will mess up many times at this task! I will be praying that God would lead and guide you in all of your decision making.

P.S. I think us ladies are quite the "ponderers!!" I ponder NON STOP it seems!!