Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mixing Things Up!

Vee, at A Haven for Vee wrote
a post yesterday that spoke
to me. It was about not putting
things off. Those things that
just kind of bug us. Decorating
choices and decisions that are
small and easily dealt with that
are so easy to think we will
get around to it later.

Reading that post made me think
of this.

The corner which so recently held our
Christmas Tree and which was now terribly
bare. The art had not even been returned
to its place on the wall. This was partially
because I have not decided whether I want to
put it all back exactly as it was. There had
been a shelf with little knicknacks under the
picture. It may return at some point...

I love this picture. It is so dear.

As a child we lived near a creek and I spent
many a day playing in the water. I am sure that
I never looked that cute...but it is a very
memory inducing picture nonetheless. The dog
in the picture looks a lot like our Brittany
Spaniel too. Different ears... but the right

The other main change that took place at Christmas
time was that we had given away a pair of huge speakers
that had served as a place to set my large brass lamp.

So, I began thinking about what I could use for this
purpose. I tried the Scrapbooking Cupboard it was too
short and wide. looks nice under the window.
So it stayed there.

I have a pair of round tables that had been put away
when the dogs were puppies. They and the cats were
always knocking them down. I decided to see what that
would look like, hoping that a couple of years of age
would have settled the dogs down.
We will see...they already knocked it down once this
morning...the cats think it is a great place to hide...
this excites the dogs and they charge!

I know they look innocent...but don't believe it!
Kimmy was resting calmly last evening...
right next to a sleepy Tidbit on the chair

Had I told you that the puppies' toenails had made a few holes in the couch cushion so Mom and I made a cover for it...that is why the seat and the rest of the sofa are a bit different. It is a great Flexsteel sofa, I was not ready to give it up. The upholstry fabric was just $3.49 a yard at a local dry goods store. It has held up very well. At some point I might get around to making matching throw pillows for across the back of the sofa.

So...long story short...because of this corner we had the
entire living room pulled apart, vacuumed it well, dusted
and rearranged. Mikey freshened up the plants, Chelsea sorted
school papers and Jonathan returned some items to Grandma's
house. They all worked steadily for at least an hour.

The change is nice and cozy...I think!

If you were really paying attention you noticed that I did not place my brass lamp on this table. I had purchased this bronze lamp with stained glass a few years ago for the family room downstairs. It was not being used. However, I happen to love this lamp so I brought it up and tried it here. Love it!

I will bring out my other round table today and work on the corner on the other side of the entertainment center. It has traditionally been the corner which held dog crates. Most recently Chloe's little house. Kimmy has moved downstairs. Now, Chloe has moved back to Chelsea's room. We will see how that works out. I am thrilled to have no dog the living room! Anyway all of that because I still need a home for that beautiful brass lamp!

And this whole project at this time because dear Vee issued that challenge to not have these things picking at your brain.

It was fun and I am thankful for the input and help from my children.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

It looks nice, Becky! I love moving things around - "shopping my house" so to speak. Your lamp from downstairs is so pretty and now we will all see it when we come over! I bet the light is pretty at night, through the lampshade.

I just love taking time for these kinds of projects.

Terri and Bob said...

I love it when you can repurpose things and redecorate for 0$$$ I think it should be a goal of everyone's. I think the corner is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Looks nice Becky!! I am limited on where I can put my furniture in my living room. But I like it!!

I like your new corner all cozied up!!

Ronda said...

That looks lovely. It looks inviting and cozy, like you could snuggle up in a throw, with a good book and read. good choice.
Love & Prayers,

KJ said...

Love what you did here! Your blog looks great, too! Did you or someone else design it? Love it! And, the music...well, it is one of my favorite Worship songs!

Hugs, KJ

Becky K. said...

Hey KJ,
Great to see you again.

For some reason my blog list never moves you to the top. I'll have to see if I can figure out why that is.

You asked about the blog design. I cheated and used the free background service that you can find up at the upper left of my screen.

I took the photo during the only real snow we have had so far and it was early in the season.

Come back soon....I am headed over to eye-dyllic right now...see you soon.

~~Deby said...

I will have to go and read Vee's post...I love the changes you made.
I know when the time comes, in our new place there will be lots of decisions to be made...I am enjoying look for a few things on Craig's list..need and WANT to go CHEAP.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! You've created such a cozy looks wonderful. Great job! (I was just rereading comments and saw that you were making changes and I hadn't been here to see them. So glad that I got myself over here.)

Thanks, too, for the wonderful Sunday post. I had completely forgotten the significance of this Sunday.