Saturday, January 17, 2009

Throw on an Extra Blanket!

Whew! It is cold out there!

***ETA*** The title is Dutchy Grammar..
You know like "Throw the horse over the
fence some hay!" It was intentional...just you don't go, "Huh?"

Back to the post!

I have noticed a theme as I pass
bedroom doors in our house. There
are extra blankets on the beds.

This is good.

It makes for warm sleeping conditions.

When the wind howls and the heat pump
groans outside your window, that
extra layer of fabric does the trick

All of the animals are active and
playful today. I think it helps them to stay warm.
One of the foxes was running around in the field
this morning...unfortunately I was
running Mikey to work and couldn't
stay to watch.

Yesterday, when Mikey was riding his
dirt bike over there, the fox was really close.
Mikey fell in love with it and is now a
devoted fox watcher. He said it is absolutely
beautiful up close.

Our cats are playing which is driving the
dogs crazy. I am not sure if they want to
play too, or just think it is wrong for the
cats to play...

Anyway...Beaux, Warren's Mom's Cat is sitting
outside our back door teasing Chloe. They are
staring at each other.

Chloe all warm and cozy...Beaux wearing his
luxurious black fur coat.

So this is the craziness happening around
our neck of the woods.
If it cold where you live...
Throw on an extra blanket...and enjoy
the warmth and comfort that it gives!

Have a Happy Day!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Mrs. Rabe said...

I took the dogs out just a bit ago, and nearly froze my ears off!

Terri and Bob said...

It is a bit warmer here today... I saw 20 on the bank sign! That's a big improvement over yesterday's 1. Our dogs are frisky, too!

Alicia said...

I know it has been really cold for you all back East!! Stay bundled up close and warm!!

~~Deby said...

oh we are doing the extra blanket *thing* too....we have a room in our new home that will need tons of work, so it is drafty...I wear a sweater or something in there...and in our living room, which will be a guest room one day...we use throws...gotta love em...nice and cozy----soon we will have our woodburning stove working and think that will be so fun.

Jacquelynne said...

We are cold too... Thank goodness last year my husband gave me an electric blanket for Valentine's Day- I think it's the best gift I've ever received.

PS The quilt show in April is at the Continental Inn on Rt. 30 and you should definitely come!

Ronda said...

It's so bitterly cold down here as well, so y'all please stay warm and cozy.
Love & Prayers,
Sending **warm** thoughts ur way my friend.

Kelly said...

I love an extra blanket when it's cold. I take one in the car with me when we all go away together and Duane is driving his car. It takes a looong time for his car's heater to kick in, so I just bundle my blanket around my bottom and legs and I'm comfy.