Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Cookbooks!

I guess you know that our family
makes regular trips to the library.

What a wonderful resource!

I cannot possibly afford or
justify the purchase of the
many books we go through in
the course of a year. And
then to have to store all of
them would just be crazy!

You may have noticed a new listing of books
on my sidebar. I am adding the books
as soon as I begin reading them.
So being on this list is not an endorsement
or suggestion that you would like
them. It is just fun to see how
many books get read this year.
It is also serving as an incentive
for me to read a variety of
authors and styles.

Yesterday I picked up two very nice
cookbooks. The What Can I Bring
This is so neat!
The recipes are varied and there are
suggested entire menus for various types
of events. This one I recommend!

The other cookbook is The Farm to Table Cookbook.

The art of Eating Locally.
You may remember that this is a "pet subject"
of mine. Shopping and buying locally.
Supporting the local economy!
The recipes in this book, are overall,
a bit involved for my daily cooking
style but there are some recipes
that I can see doing for special
events. Some recipes use vegetables that I
only look at curiously as I walk through
the local Farmer's Market.
Who knows, I just might try them this spring.

If you get a chance to check these books out,
I think you would like them.

Have a "crazy good" day!
We'll be doing the same!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Tracy said...

I love cook books and have way to many. They are fun to look at.

Terri and Bob said...

I love cookbooks! That top one... the author has several cookbooks and I love her style of writing.

Alicia said...

I love cookbooks too, of course during the week I am a cook who likes not a lot of ingredients but still tastes great...LOL So I really like those cookbooks that are for quick and easy cooks. I always like trying a new recipe too, so if you find one in one of these books and you like it..share it with us!!

Of course now that I am exhausted by three in the afternoon, my meals are not very exciting all the time. :-) But Ryan never complains if all we are having are grilled cheeses!! LOL

Mrs. Rabe said...

Ann Byrn's cookbooks are great!

Ronda said...

I just love cook books. I collect them and I really do use them too.
Thanks for sharing.
Love & Prayers,

Nicole said...

I love cookbooks and collect them. It is so fun to see new ones!

Enjoy all the books!