Thursday, October 16, 2008


I bet you thought I was going to stay
Well, today I am not.

I may get to see Sarah Palin on Saturday
so if that happens...maybe the Politics will
come back out. Just because that would be

The last time I tried to see a major political
figure, it was President Bush in 2004. He was
at the Lancaster Airport and I walked over a
mile one way, went through security and then
stood cross-legged in a port-a-potty line while
he spoke. I could see him from such a distance
that he looked like one of those Little People from
Fisher Price.

So...I am thinking twice...but it would still be
very cool!

But, today is our usual Thursday to take kids to
work, pick them up and run to Co-op. Afterwards
we may go bowling with another family, or two.

What is unusual about today is what God is doing
with the Thanksgiving Program.
It is crazy.

We struggled so hard to find music. Then we ordered
it. It did not come in for the longest time.
Like, I got it last week.
Problem is the accompaniment track
for one of my 4-6th grade songs didn't come. We called.
Out of print for 6 months. We are welcome to call back
and order it then....nice.

Now the concert is just 4 weeks away and I am beginning a
brand new song with that choir.

The song the other choir director chose for the 2/3rd grade
choirs did not work out either so she began working on a new
one last week.

I would be troubled by all of this but I absolutely love what is filling in those spots. The 2/3rd graders will be doing Come, Ye Thankful People Come as one of their pieces and my 4/6th choir will be doing Count Your Blessings! I think we will be having some fun with this song.

This has been a very hard class.
Lots of boys who have an attitude about singing.

I nearly lost it with them last week and literally stopped to pray aloud in the middle of the class. We always open with prayer...but stopping to pray because things were not going well...that was a first.

I talked with them about how I totally understand that singing isn't every one's favorite thing to do, but that they are to do all to the Glory of God. I told them
that if I were in their class, I would hate gym, which is a mandatory class like music. I admitted that I hate to sweat!
The incredulity on those boys faces was funny.
They LOVE to sweat.
We connected.

Then we sang our Thanksgiving Medley again, and it was amazing the difference in attitude and volume.
They really sang!

As soon as we finished the song one young man very enthusiastically shouted,
"See, God is answering your prayer already!"
Thank you, Lord!
I so needed that.

I decided since we really only had the one song to work at to go ahead and play a rhythm game with them. I know that was Inspired. The kids had a blast and their attention and involvement was 100 percent.

This makes me look forward to our Spring Semester when I teach fundamentals of music in fun...and often corny...ways.

So, God is reshaping my vision for this concert. It is becoming more "Me" anyway. I love the hymns and I love having our young people learn them. The words of these songs come back to you in the best and the worst of times.

Long post today....

Hope you made it through....

May God Richly Bless You as You Go About This Day.

Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

I will be visiting your choir today Becky! I hope to hear them sing!

I wanted to say that it is in these difficulties that we turn to God more and that He can then refine us and direct us! He is good!

By the way, TAG! you're it!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

Wonderful post, and not too long at all...just delightful. :o) Thank you so much Becky for all your prayers and support during my surgery, your thoughtfulness means so much to me. You have a wonderful day and grand upcoming weekend!



SweetAnnee said...

the joys !!!
candles yum

Mrs. rabe is so lucky to here them sing too.

Kelly said...

Isn't it wonderful how God sometimes answers are prayers so quickly. He knows just what we need and when we need it. God bless your choir.

Alicia said...

I totally understand when things get frustrating...and my hubby could tell you better than I how hard it is to teach middle schoolers. He loves it, but this year has been a challenge and somehow God has a plan for each child to be in his class. Prayer is so important and Ryan and I will pray very often for his class. That fact that you prayed right then and there was an example and witness to those young adults! That said more than you will ever know or imagine, from that they learned that they can pray at ANY time and they can pray about anything, b/c God cares! I am glad that your prayers were answered so fast and that things are shaping up well!!! Blessings on you for your effort, and God will use this to further His Kingdom!