Monday, October 20, 2008


Busy, Busy, Busy!

That is me lately.

It has been so fun, though.

Want to see a peek at what has
been keeping me busy?

This is one thing...
Hot chocolate candles.

And making marshmallows.
See that funky marshmallow mold.
Love it!
They look sooooo real!
People always want to know if they are real.

I made candles any available moment this weekend, and then there was Saturday evening with the family. Fun! We met Chelsea at her job to hang out for an hour until Jonathan got done...I bought 3 pounds of fudge there. That gave us 12 flavors!! This stuff is incredible. We took it to church to share at the fellowship meal. Some is left over and I swear that it calls to me.

Then we headed over to Gap. We had a fancy schmantzy dinner at the McDonald's.
Have to love their value menu!

After that we visited the Weis (Grocery) Market where we purchased the ingredients to make Mac and Cheese for the Fellowship Meal.

So, you can see that my offerings for the fellowship meal were calorie rich and awfully healthy....ahem ....yummy!

Sunday found us welcoming visitors at church. There were two lovely families. We were so delighted that one of them stayed for lunch. The other couple had a prior commitment.

Mikey shared his roses with us and I made a lovely bouquet for the welcome table. I cannot get over how wonderful his roses are still. Even after a lot of wind and some much cooler weather.

Soooo pretty. Even this morning when I took this picture in my dining room.

Anyway, back to yesterday.

The fellowship meal went long yesterday...but then everything went long yesterday...Sunday School and church....but they were sooo good! The reason they went long was because there was a lot of participation in the discussions in sunday school and in the prayer time in the Worship service. We have an open prayer time and those who wish to can pray out loud. We open with prayers of thanksgiving and then pray for the needs. It is sweet.

The other reason it all went long was because we had communion. With more people coming to church it just takes longer. That is fine because it is a wonderful time of reflection and quiet time with the Lord.

After church and the meal we came home to "rest" a bit before our Sunday crowd came over to join us. Some friends of ours, George and Sheila, from the State College area came to stay with Mom for a few days so I was delighted to get to go and visit with them for a while until the gang got there.

Sheila was often at the hospital with us while Daddy was in his final days. She was the "candy lady". She brought bags of Hershey's mini candy bars and was so sweet and comforting. Up until that point she had been Mom's friend from church and Bible Study....but from that time on she has been my friend as well. Love her!!!!

We enjoyed a sweet time last evening with the families here. It is unbelievable how lively a conversation can get among people who have spent so much time together already in a day. Oh, it was fun! And it was loud. There were seven adults and twelve children here most of the time with a pop in from Mom, Sheila and George. I think we scared them off with all of the noise.

We missed the other family that we are used to having with us...Kelly and Duane. But, I know they will join us again when they can. Next week we have chosen another house to invade...looking forward to it!

O.k., Mrs. Rabe...I am ready to do that "fun" little game you sent my way.

I have been tagged to tell six random things about don't really care, do you?

Oh well, here goes...

1. My hair color is all messed up because I first went to the hairdresser's for a haircut and was met by a Russian Mennonite Hairdresser, named Alla who told me that I looked "mousy" and insisted that she color my hair and would not cut it. $95 later it looked "not mousy" and much blonder. That was ok...but not being willing to spend that much again when it needed touched up, I went back to the "box" I used to use and now am not happy with the color...I am spoiled. But I don't look "mousy".

2. I have one brother that I used to be able to push around when I was mad at him until one day, as a teen, he was bigger than me and shoved me harder. I haven't pushed him since. I even love him now. I am so proud of him and am glad he is my brother.

3. I love all things political and newsy. It is a great day for me if I can just putter around the house taking turns on the different news networks to hear the different perspectives and agendas.

4. I am a student of people and their personalities. I love to watch interactions and conversations. I love to see the expressions, the way people process information differently and how they go about their life. I suppose blogging lets us do that in a new way. It is cool. People are cool.

5. I never passed Algebra I. I took it two times. Once in High School and once in College. Weird? Maybe. But I just do not get it.

6. I have to sleep with my feet out from under the covers. My neck has to be all covered up...ever since that Missionary came to the church when I was a kid and talked about vampire bats in Brazil...but my feet have to be out.

There...random and strange things about me. I am not tagging anyone in particular but have fun with this.

Now, Miss Paula....all the way out there on the West Coast...has blessed me with an absolutely adorable award.

Check this out!!!!!

This one comes with questions....

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? Not really. We moved a lot in the early years since Daddy was a Pastor. I have one friend, Karen, that I often think about. I really should get in touch with her.
2. What do you value most about your friends? Fellowship and laughter.
3. Are your friends your sounding boards? Sometimes... well o.k... often.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends? Time hanging out as families...or occasionally a trip to the Cracker Barrel or some other fun spot.

I want to give this award to one of my newest friends...Kelly. She thinks so much like me that it is scary sometimes to watch. It is also a huge blessing to have her at church. She pitches in and gets things done.

This post has gone on and on. I guess this is the result of too long without posting...days...and well only the weekend.

Hope you have a totally blessed day.


Mrs. Rabe said...

I have seen those darling candles in person - so sweet!

It was a great day Becky!

See you tonight!

Jacquelynne said...

First of all, I did not know those were candles till I read it- do they smell as good as they look? Second, where do you get your fudge, cause I go through Gap fairly often and maybe I'll have to try some?

Tracy's corner said...

I just ordered two of your candles through my co-op teach. I can't wait to get them!