Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wind!

It has been a long, long
time since I just screamed...
really screamed in public.

It happened yesterday, though.

We had been bowling...while dismal
by the scores, it was fun for the Grandpa Bob was doing
a little instruction for someone...
I don't remember who.

Mrs. Rabe and I got on one of my very favorite subjects...theology. Maybe that had something to do with my low score that game. A bit distracted.

Anyway, just before we left the bowling alley, The Rabes informed us that Taco Bell was giving away free tacos from 2-6pm. We were within that window of that sounded fun. Off we went for our free tacos.

Now, the wind had risen to such a fright that we were dodging pieces of limbs, trash cans and all other sorts of things on the roads...but we were not to be deterred.

Once there, Mikey wisely stayed in the car...Jonathan, Chelsea and I marched in and got our freebies...however, I had to order something else to go along with it...I just can't look THAT cheap! Jonathan would be happy to eat it...we got everything "to go" and headed back to the car...

The wind gusted alarmingly!

It was insane.

I am no small person but it took me backwards.

You know how it is when the wind is so strong in
your face that you can't catch your breath?
That was this wind yesterday.

I opened the car door but just as I was about to
get in it slammed shut catching me in the shoulder.

This would have been when I screamed.

It didn't really hurt but was so surprising.

After two tries, I finally got into the car.

We laughed so hard!

There is something freeing about just letting
your guard down and being your own self.
Screaming with surprise.

I am glad for that wind is one more
memory before these kids are all grown and out
on their own.

After we got home I was letting the dogs out and
watched the trees bend with the wind.

They were just swaying to and fro.

Makes me glad for their strong roots.

It amazes me that something we cannot see can be
so powerful...very impressive! The roar and the
feel of it on our skin lets us know it is there
and yet it is invisible to the eye. Just its
effects are shown.

Hmmm...makes me think of God.

We cannot see Him.

But we know He is there.

His effects are in everything.

Sometimes He roars...but more often He is quiet
and gentle as a soft breeze on a summer's evening.

Sometimes it is good to scream with glee in His

Sometimes I just want to snuggle up and worship
Him in quiet.


The wind.



I am thankful for the reminders in
nature that declare the power of God!

Have a joyful day!

Becky K.


lady jane said...

***We cannot see Him. But we know He is there. His effects are in everything.***

Oh, so true, Becky. We can rest in the knowledge of the Holy. I loved this post. Thank you.

And thank you for praying for Lizzie, dear friend. <><

Do you have a site showing your candle choices? If so, please direct me and I'll gladly order one! Anything but vanilla - I have a thing against vanilla scents. :o)

About screaming. As a wee girl I was a good screamer. A very good screamer. Ask any of my sisters. Should have made it my profession but there aren't many needs for good screamer and can one even get a certificate or degree in such a subject? Hm. This, I will ponder. hehe.

How're things going with your health, Becky? I've been praying as the Lord leads. <><

Becky K. said...

Lady Jane,

My choice if I wish to gift someone a is your and Lizzie's turn...

I'll be sending out a sweet one for you and a mini hot choc to Lizzie.

Thanks for the dear friendship you offer... and the prayers...You are appreciated.

Becky K.

lady jane said...

You are truly a sweetheart. Thank you, Becky. (((hug)))

Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh you two are making me tear up! You are both very dear to me.

It was a wild weather day!

Glad you didn't get hurt!

Anonymous said...

So is your shoulder okay? You didn't tell us...

I don't know what people would do if we had winds like you have had. They would probably wreck or something.

Becky, I scream a lot when Evan walks into a room when I don't expect him. I think he thinks I am a bit crazy. But it is fun!

Remember the verse where God was in the wind. We look all over and he is right there! Close! Wanting relationship with us! Isn't that cool?

Ronda said...

How perfectly true Becky. We cannot see God, although we do know He is there. Thanks for this reminder.
Love & Prayers,

Alicia said...

I forgot all about this free taco thing!!

That wind sounds powerful, its the perfect illustration of God. I love how you put it.