Friday, October 24, 2008

A Much Needed Break

Thursdays are always crazy!

Just insane, really!

For another couple of weeks
Jonathan and Chelsea will work
Thursday mornings and then I will
grab them and head for co-op.

This means that we stop for a
bite to eat on the way. We have
just enough time to drive through
and get there on time.

Yesterday, I got the brilliant idea
to use a coupon from the coupon book
that came in the mail recently...that is
important...the book came recently, to
go to Dominos for a buy one get one free deal.

Great! They all love pizza!
The location closest to our co-op was one
that participated...miracle of miracles.

I went a different way to make sure I did not
miss the Dominos. But, upon getting to the
address listed on the coupon...there was a
Metro Pizza...not a Dominos.


Now we are certainly going to be late!

What to do.

Thank the Lord for cell phones.

I called the number on the back of the
coupon. Mr. Man who had taken the order
answered. I asked him where he was.

Oh, he was about 8 minutes the other direction.

I told him what was on the back of the coupon.
"Well, we haven't been there for about 3", (yes
that was THREE"), "years!"

I was so frustrated that I took a wrong turn and
ended up in what the kids call a "perfectsville".
You know all of the manicured lawns and all of
the houses look exactly the same.
All of the roads had the word Oak in them and they
all go in circles....endlessly!

Finally after much aggravation we passed the house
with the castle in the back yard once again and knew
we were about to be freed from this torment.

On to the next Road on the right with the word Oak in
it and off to the Dominos.

The pizza was cold and we were late.

This was sooooo much fun!

Co-op went pretty well.

I love my friends!

They are just so accommodating to my
every frame of mind.

What? You are a little stressed?
Why are you sitting there all alone?
You must need to talk.

So, we chatted away all first class
period when I suddenly heard the thunder
of many feet changing classes on the
stairwell and realized my next torture
was about to begin.

Actually, it was fun.

The 7-up choir learned a new song

They are doing so well with it.

Then we went back to In Christ Alone and I
glanced into the hall to see the original choir
director...the professional one...standing there.
This woman moved to Nebraska. I was never to have
been humiliated by having her watch me not know what
to do with my hands while "directing" a choir.

She was safely days away. Oh, no! There she stood.
Smiling....what did that smile mean?????

I waved and smiled real big!

I'm not going to let her see me sweat!

Finally, that class ended and in came my
45 4th-6th graders. I must say the change in
them has been dramatic. They went from mumblers,
fidgeters, complainers to real honest to goodness
singers. I have real hope for them in this concert
now. I even thought they had come far enough to teach
the altos a new part. And some of them got it!

My poor helper who has offered to play the piano held
her sweet baby boy in one arm and played with the other.

We must have looked hysterical...and the whole time I kept
wondering where that former choir director was....
was she standing in the stairwell...where I stand when I want
to hear what the other choir director is doing? I like to
"glean" ideas from the experts in the field. I am such a
faker. The only thing I have in common with the professionals
is my love of music, knowledge of notes and ....guess that's about it.

I just wish I knew what to do with my hands....I can do that thing
they do... but it is so not me!

Oh well...

Now you are still wondering what the break was that is promised in the
title of this post?

We went out to dinner with the Moms.

We had a nice time.

It was not the first choice of restaurant because that one would not seat us.
It wasn't that they didn't like us...because they never met us. They simply were
too busy to come over to the little podium and say, "We will be with you shortly".

SO...we meandered over to the little restaurant beside it and then ordered Mikey a
pizza to go from the take out of "the most desired place". If you are counting, yes, that made two meals of pizza for him yesterday. So what! lol He has a cold and was cranky. I am feeding his cold.

Did I mention that at this second restaurant... the default of the Moms from our co-op was working...I did not know she worked there...but she happened to point out that some of our boys had broken a branch from a pine tree at the church we meet at? Well, that was the first I had heard of that. One of the boys being my own Mikey... this necessitated a call to our building coordinator who assured me that those trees are scheduled to be torn down so all is well....but...those boys had better not be in that tree again!!!
Thus sayeth the Mommy and the Co-op 7-up Coordinator who are one and the same.

I came home and did NOT work on candles.

I went to bed and began to read the book written by the two families who had their daughters switched after the tragic Taylor University Van crash, "Mistaken Identity".

I read until my eyes would not stay open any more. From the first sentence I was pulled into this book. It is an unbelievable mistake that was made. Unbelievable. it is back to real life. I just hope that I have to wait somewhere, for someone, so I can read more of that book!


Becky K.


Anonymous said...

Becky, you wear me out!! You do a lot of driving but I bet it is beautiful!! Oh how I long to be there in the Fall. I was there 4 yrs ago at the end of Oct beginning of Nov!!! ***sniff sniff***

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

Wow my friend you indeed do deserve a break! :o) Continue to enjoy the season!



Mrs. Rabe said...

What a day, girl!

I think instead of a dinner out at the end of co-op this year, we all need a weekend at a spa! Lots of time to sleep, have a massage....

What do you think?

Becky K. said...

Oh, Mrs. Rabe, I do believe I need a pedicure very badly after all of this long summer and hours and hours on my feet teaching....ha!

(Laughing as she types!)

Becky K.