Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book Club

Wow! What a lovely and active
discussion we had last evening.

There were eight of us.

We were in agreement that there
was a lot to love about the book
by Leslie Haskin, Between Heaven and
Ground Zero.

Our conversation first took us back to where
we were and how we found out about the attacks
on our soil on September 11, 2001. It turned
out that my big mouth had been the first alert
for two people in the room. One was my Mom and
she was working, at that time, in an office at
Penn State University. She ended up being the
one in their office to turn on a TV in the office
lounge which their whole building utilized during
that long, unbelievable day.

I remembered how surreal it felt to watch the buildings
I kept saying out loud that this was real.
"Not a movie.
This is real."

The perspective of Leslie Haskin, in the book, was so
different from what we were able to know and see.
It was strange and yet so understandable. We agreed
that we, the readers, were wanting to "hurry her out of the building"
because we knew what was coming.

To read her testimony of knowing that she would not be
in Heaven were she to have died on that day...and that
she processed these thoughts then and there...amazing.

To know just a little bit of what she saw, felt and endured
on that day...makes you wonder how you might have handled it.

To see God in the leading and see her faith in
what would appear to be the decimation of her entire existence.
Leslie lost her home, her the aftermath
of this day.

Still, she praises God and finds herself more contented and
fulfilled than she ever was as a top executive making lots
of money and holding much power.

I highly recommend this book to you. It is available
for just $2.49 at

It is not always easy reading but Ms. Haskin has found a
way to tell this story tactfully, yet as if you were with her.

Our next book club choice will be Mistaken Identity.
I mentioned it not long ago in a post.
This book so captured my attention that
when I first began reading it, I would not put it down.
Not even to even to walk down the hall.
I confessed last night that I even had to
read it while getting ready for bed that first
night. Not easy to read and change clothes at
the same time...but when you are caught

I read coming and going for the first few

This book really makes you shake your head and wonder what
God is up to in this case...but the testimony of both families
is so strong...that may be a clue!

I am going to research some book possibilities that Kelly
suggested. At the top of her list in Kirk Cameron's Autobiography,
Still Growing. If you have read this and can
give input that would be great. As Kirk is the lead character
in Fireproof, the movie, that would give a current interest that
may bring others into the Book Club.

Speaking of Kelly...she has no internet access right now.
Wouldn't it be fun to leave her lots of "Welcome back" messages
for when she gets her computer up and running again?
Feel Free! I am going to.

Alright, I have rambled on long enough.
This is what happens when I can't sleep because of
this stupid pain.

Thanks for being here and for your thoughts and comments.

I read them and am so thankful for them...even though I may
not respond to them directly.
I do sincerely appreciate and look forward to them!!!!!


Becky K.

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