Saturday, October 11, 2008

Craft Shows

They are unique.

It is community.

Every show is different but
with comforting similarities.

Today I am at a Resort's Fall Fest.

This year I have chosen to do just
two craft shows.

It is just too much work.
Almost like setting up a store
each time.

But, I love the atmosphere and cannot
seem to stop going.

The vendors come in with an eye to each
other's booth, checking out the competition
before opening up to complete friendliness.

Of course, we are all intent on getting our
wares shown in their best light in only an
hour's time. So this could be an explanation...

However, without fail, as the day nears noon
the vendors begin to become friendly. There
is chatting...and offers to "cover" for someone
as they take their breaks.

It is community.

We are in it together.

If the day is going well much laughter is

A hard, low sales day will bring grumbles and
complaints against the organizers. This makes
me shudder because sometimes things just happen.

Sometimes it is no one's fault.

I love the customers. Watching them
come and go. I know who will buy almost
before they reach the table. There is
something about the way their face lights
up when they see the candles.

There is a flicker of interest.
They come and some have to touch.
Others are afraid to.
We encourage touching.
It is like a little dance of
Sniffing, of the candles, is also highly encouraged.
When one touches and sniffs it is
hard to walk away. One of those
candles will demand to be taken home.
They just do.

I am almost packed and ready to go.

There is a shelter to build when we get there
to keep the sun off the candles...this has me
nerved up. I am not good with these things and
really hope there is enough time to do this and
get a very nice display in order.

I found some Coke-a-Cola pillows to add to the display
featuring our Cola candles. I have wanted to have
something to attract attention to them, because when
people smell them...they want them.

My business partner, Beverly, will join me for the day.
She is all but done with the business after moving
into a Retirement Community, but I twisted her arm
into coming today...for old time's sake.

We will have a great time.

The weather is perfect and I am excited to
get moving on this day.


Becky K.

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Mrs. Rabe said...

I hope you have a great day! How fun!

We love the cola candles!