Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bit of a Break

Today is going to be very, very
busy. Jonathan and Chelsea both
work this morning...then there is
Homeschool Co-op this afternoon.

I am helping a sweet girl kick off
her Candle Fundraiser today. She
did our first ever fundraiser about
two years ago and did very well so
I am grateful that she has chosen to
come back.

We are preparing to go into the mountains
for a few days. So we are shopping for food,
preparing dishes to freeze and take up with
us, packing and generally getting ready to
go and relax. I'm not sure if we will actually
leave Friday or Saturday but whenever we get
going it will be a two vehicle trip since the
guys in our family are taking dirt bikes. That
means we have to borrow Warren's Mom's truck.

Normally we go to the mountains with the Moms and
Pastor Mike. This year it is just our immediate
family. That will seem very strange but might
just be a good thing given the stress and work
load we have been under for the past year.

We will certainly miss our usual co-horts though!

I look forward to snapping many pictures,
reading a lot, and spending time just being quiet.
I'll be sitting by this stream...
aware that bears often come this way.

Sometimes we hang a hammock back in this quiet spot.

We are hoping that this time the trees will have turned to
glorious shades of red, yellow and orange. It is later
than we are used to going up, so I don't think the kids
will spend much time in the stream. It is cold in the
heat of July! I can only imagine what it would feel like
now...but we will make up for that with s'mores around the
campfire, the dirt bikes, games and perhaps a trip over to the
Little Grand Canyon...maybe. Maybe not. I love that there is
nothing we have to do. No agenda!

When we return, there will be co-op, candles, church
and many other responsibilities just it
is my hope to just "be" while we are away.

So, if I don't post again until next week...
have a wonderful week. I will be anxious
to get back here and visit with everyone.

You know how addicting blogging can be...sigh.


Becky K.


Elijah's Mommy said...

Have a good trip! It sounds lovely!
When we lived in Jersey Shore PA we visited the Little Grand Canyon! It was so pretty! And the walk down and up was really nice.

Ronda said...

Hope you have a wonderful time.
Love & Prayers,

Mrs. Rabe said...

I pray that it is a peaceful week up in the woods! I know how hectic this last year has been and how needful the quiet is for your soul.


Alicia said...

Hope you have a ton of fun! I love going to the mountains and would love to spend a Christmas in the snow sometime soon here in CA! Oh and eat lots of smores, have one for me....I love them!!

Tracy's corner said...

Have a great trip!!

Kelly said...

You deserve a rest -- enjoy it! Look forward to seeing pictures.

Elijah's Mommy said...

We're missing you while you're gone! But we know you need this quiet time as a family. "See" ya when you get back! =)