Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are Sooooo Back!

I guess I should explain that

We did have fun...
and it was lovely.

We did lots of things and
still ran out of things to do
and ended up looking at each other
with bored expressions on our faces.

I think it would have been fine if we were
the type to go to bed at dark-thirty.

But Uno is not as fun with five people as it
usually is with 10.

We really missed our usual
group. I guess they will be happy to know that.

Eating is not as much fun when there aren't as
many around...

Pit was still Crazy

and Chelsea and I creamed
Jonathan at Scrabble...not really fair as she and
I love reading, spelling and other word games.

Chelsea and I knitted one side of a potholder.
This was a real accomplishment since I haven't
knitted since I was her age and she never had.
We would take turns. It was fun. She is working
on the other side now and then she will crochet them

Mikey and Warren rode the dirt bikes once per day.
They were doing everything in their power to not
get shot by an arrow, accidentally or otherwise.

Many hunters were out.

They were serious.

So, the rides were late afternoon after most
hunters were in for the day.

We made S'mores by the fire

that the boys would make daily. They gathered the wood, chopped it, stacked it and then burned it. I loved these s'mores the best ever because we made them in the daylight. The marshmallows were toasted to perfection and they weren't too gooey.
You can appreciate that when you can see what you are doing. I always wonder what all ends up in a S'more in the dark.

I tried to take a picture of one for you...but it did not turn you'll have to take my word for it! YUM!

We took a trip to Coudersport for the express
purpose of getting online. Warren needed to see
if he had won an eBay auction and I needed my e-mail
fix. I did not respond unless it was time critical.
Only one was and that was regarding the Book Club!
Sure glad I got that one! There is a sweet cafe
with wi-fi and we got our money's worth, some pie,
fries and milkshakes. Our waitress must have been
chuckling at our poor family huddled around the

While we were there I got a picture of this house.
I cannot decide if it makes me want to buy it and restore
it...or and far. Can't you just see it all
fixed up, though???? Sigh...

Other days we just "had" to ride down to Wharton for some ice cream cones.
It is tradition!
These cones are two scoops, large scoops for $1.50.
It is Perry's Ice Cream and it is simply "The Best!"
You may argue...but only until you try it...then you
will know too!
The other part of this tradition is that you have to take
the truck. Grandpa Gene used to take the kids and they
loved it! We missed him boatloads this trip!
Grandpa Gene, these pics are for you...It is so hard to
comprehend that you aren't ever going to do that again!

Chelsea actually got into the water. This year she was the only one.

Jonathan got close

...but it was like ice!
I guess the boys are growing fact Mikey had his
16th birthday while we were there. He did not want cake
but wanted Oreos instead so we dipped Oreos in milk together in
honor of this big birthday. Too funny! He just shook
his head as if to say..."How in the world did I come to
be born into this family!"

Check out some shots I took in the yard around our cabin.
Just little things, but so pretty.

Well, there are more pictures. I guess the deciding factor in whether I post them or not will relate to exciting things happening here...or not. I am going to be busy over the next few days with co-op and candles. I have a show on Saturday and many fundraiser orders expected. So...if I am scarce until Sunday or'll understand...won't you?


I have missed being here and I cannot wait to get around to chat with Ya'll.

Becky K.


Alicia said...

Wow sounds like a fun, packed trip!!! The deal on ice cream is great...$1.50...I think I would "have" to go there too!! And about Mikey wanting Oreos, now thats just funny. Happy belated to him too!! That house, yes I can see it all fixed up which would be beautiful...BUT when I see a big house I think of cleaning it!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky I love the picture of the berries!! Tell Chelsea great job!! As for the house......RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Whew!! And that wasn't fast enough!!!

Welcome Home!! You were missed!!

Going to see Jill, Saturday!

Happy Birthday Mikey!!! Oreos dipped in coffee are the best!

Perry's Ice Cream said...

Hi Becky,

This is Marissa Wilson from Perry's Ice Cream, thank you for writing such nice comments about our ice cream! We always love to hear from Perry's fans and how our ice cream makes all of life's moments even more special.

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Life is a Bowl of Perry's

Mrs. Rabe said...


We have missed you so much! I think Pastor Mike mentioned 3 times that you guys were away!

I am glad you had such a great time! It looks like memories were captured so important. It is not long until your vacation schedule doesn't work for one of your grown kids etc....It's weird when that happens!

Anyway! See you later at co-op and expect a huge hug from me!

lady jane said...

What a wonderful time! Love the pictures, the bored looks and description of your time. I've never played Pit. Hm. Gotta check that out. :o)

Kelly said...

Glad to have you back, Becky. Your family was missed on Sunday. The pictures are great! My favorite is the one with the trees with the water in front and the sun shining through. Great ice cream deal--I would definitely have to take advantage of that deal. Ice cream -- yummmmy!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures. Good job!! I love your comment about the house. I know exactly what you mean. It is very appealing but a little spooky too. As soon as I saw the picture and read your comment I knew exactly...