Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Senator McCain,

There are a few things I would
love to hear you say this evening.

Would you please tell this country
why it would be bad to allow folks
to take early withdrawals from their
retirement plans?

A. This money creates a level of stability
in the market.
B. People would be pulling money at the
worst possible time...for them!
C. Social Security is not going to be enough
in retirement...people had better be keeping those

How about why it is good to allow those at
70 and a half years of age to leave their money right
where it is if they don't need it? Why continue to
force them to use it?

A. Why should they have to use this money
at this point? Why force our parents and
grandparents to suffer a loss. There is no
good reason.

Could you clearly tell us how your plan
will keep jobs in America and not ship them
out to other lands?

A. When we focus on creating business and jobs
in America, we win! By requiring employers to
provide health insurance we will nip the job creation
in the bud. It is simply too much for a start-up
company to afford.(Obama's Plan) The McCain Plan for
insurance is open for some fine tuning but it beats
the alternative, hands down. And while you are at it,
can't we do something about the skyrocketing costs for anything
medical? We are pricing ourselves right out of healthcare.

B. When we increase taxes on small business owners,
(Obama's Plan), they take those businesses offshore...
or don't start them to begin with. You are so right to
say that we need to stimulate small business growth and to
do that we must not increase their tax burden. Which, by the
way those businesses who do make it, even with higher taxes,
will survive by passing that cost on to me.
I don't think I care for that!

C. We can learn from history, raising taxes stunts growth.
Lowering taxes stimulates the economy and creates greater
cash flow, which equals money to our Treasuries.

I would love to hear you remind us about your stand on our
Educational options.

A. Tell us that you won't take away our freedom to choose how
we educate our children. We want all of the options to remain
on the table.

Remind us that the decision of who will be our next President has
not yet been made.

A. The mass media thinks they know...they have worked hard to ensure it.
Acorn thinks they have it all sealed up. If you can't win the right way...just add a few million voters to the rolls.
But the American People have not risen up and come out to the voting
booth it is not the time for anyone to declare victory or begin
speaking presumptuously.

Please reinforce the truth that dangers still stalk our Nation.

A. There are enemies just biding their time. An attack is not at
all unlikely. Tell us about the plans that our security have thwarted.
Remind us that we need someone with military experience and backbone.
Please don't let us down by thinking that we are tired of hearing about
this. We need to be reminded that the freedoms we enjoy are not guaranteed.

Please Senator McCain, Have some fire in your belly tonight. You do not
have to be just need to tell us like it is. Do not be
afraid to promote yourself and your plans.
That is what this is all about.

Tell us like you have been telling the people across America in your stops.
Be passionate.
Let it rip!

I'll be voting for you so I hope you'll win over those who haven't made up their
minds yet...tonight is your chance, Mr. Senator.

I'll be praying for you.

Becky K.


lady jane said...

Check out the McCain website calendar. He's coming to PA. :o)

To everyone, watch the debate tonight. Most importantly, PRAY!

Ronda said...

Thanks for everything. Love this post.
Love & prayers,

Miss Paula said...

You know Becky, I could just scream. This has turned into a mosh pit of liberals, media and deceivers. Makes me sick to think where our country is headed. But it didn't get there by Obama or McCain. Is was like that before and has been spiraling downward.

But,the good news is, as Followers of Christ and what Dee mentioned to me in an e-mail, we need to pray for our leaders and officials. Even if the person we don't want gets to be President, we are called to Pray for him. We don't see the big picture, just like Joseph didn't see the big picture when Jacob crossed his arms and blessed Joseph's youngest. Joseph was upset. But by Faith, Jacob was called Righteous. We don't know the big picture for our country and it's leadership, but by Faith we can Believe God's promises for us, to give us a hope and a future for all who believe. Isn't this a reassurance in these days of nit picking? Praise God!