Thursday, June 12, 2008

Making the best out of Hard Times yesterday's post I talked about cutting costs while enjoying our families. It is so possible! I have a feeling that if we make a conscious effort to cut back on all of the busyness that running here and there brings and spend that time with our families it will bear fruit that will bless us.

The other evening we did an off the cuff exercise that was funny and silly. You'll need one of your children and two books. Ours was Dr. Suess and Agathe Christie. Since Chelsea wanted to read out loud to us from our huge Dr. Suess Book and Jonathan wanted me to read the murder mystery we compromised with a very funny and entertaining result. Chelsea read a page...then I read a page. It was hysterical. What a combination. Honestly, that was not planned...but since we were home and not out running around the opportunity presented itself. Fun!

Miss Paula, at Gathering of Friends has asked me to make a list of things that I stock up on...I'll start and then you all can add through the comments.
Things that I like to buy on sale are: toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap. I see no reason to have to pay retail for these things. I wait for them to be on sale then when possible maximize that with a coupon and stock up. By the time we would get close to running out I would have restocked again with a sale. It absolutely makes me crazy to let myself run out of any of these things!

Items that are almost always in my pantry are: Noodles,(a great resource for leftovers turned into casseroles), Rice, Spaghetti Sauce, Kidney Beans,(I've got to be able to make chili), mandarin oranges, many pasta shapes and sizes, salad dressings, cans of soup,(while we prefer to make our own these can come in handy sometimes), cereal, cream soups for the bases of casseroles,coffee, packages pre-seasoned rice and noodles(watch the sodium in these and use sparingly) and corn chips to go with the chili, olive oil, corn oil, peanut butter, etc . I am running out of time for this morning's post...but these are the things that come to mind quickly. These are also things that I most often purchase at sale prices. We don't eat these things all of the time but it is something I can count on being there for a quick meal.

My freezer will almost always contain our fresh frozen corn, store bought peas, mixed veggies and broccoli, chicken in many forms, (breaded tenders, plain uncooked tenders, chicken legs, boneless chicken breasts), a roast or two, pork spare ribs, bread, and a container or two of ice cream as sales warrant.

These posts focus on what we can do to streamline our spending while we have more time to spend with those who are dear to us. Mrs. Rabe wrote a great post yesterday...and it is not just because she liked mine...about Abundance. Loved it!
Check it out.

Blessings on your day! I am off to enjoy time with my Brother and his wife who are visiting. We have had so much fun together already and they have only been here one evening.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Great ideas! I would also say that it is simple to learn to make certain sauces from scratch, or cream soups so that you can easily make casseroles and not worry about running out of canned creamed soups. It also is easier on the budget as I always have milk, flour and butter in the house. I also keep buillion in beef and chicken flavor to use for stews and soup bases.

I like that I can control the sodium and ingredients in our food.

Alicia said...

That book thing is too funny! I never thought to do that! Such fun times when with family!

By the way, Chili is such an inexpensive and good meal!!