Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Times with Grandma and Gardening with Mikey

Jonathan and Chelsea are about to finish up a great week in Virgina with both of their Grandmothers. Every night the cell phone rings and we get a play by play of their day. It would seem that next week everyone at our house is going to be sore and exhausted. They are keeping so busy: hiking, swimming, mini golf and touring local attractions. Chelsea and Warren's Mom, Georgia went trail riding on horses yesterday. Miss Chelsea has informed me that she will want to do more of this. Loved it!!!

Mikey has been very busy here working, helping us at the church and doing a side job for the neighbor. It would seem that his dream of working in Landscaping is coming true. After being at Longwood Gardens on Memorial Day we submitted an email to them regarding an internship program that is offered. The problem is, they usually only accept students from two local schools. We are not in those districts. I received a reply that Mikey would gladly be considered for a future semester. He is in the process of building a portfolio and making flower beds, etc. to put himself in a position that they would want him.

So, part of that process was making a large flower bed in our front yard. Mikey removed the sod and planted 4 rose bushes, a hydrangea, 2 Russian sage and 4 other perennials whose names escape me. The best part? He paid for all of it himself. Even the mulch that he then covered it with. It is absolutely gorgeous.

As he was making this flower bed a neighbor...whose lawn is "to die for"...stopped and found out what he was doing. She hired him a few days later to do her lawn care...not the mowing...but the weed and feed, caring for the bushes, etc. So, this summer is shaping up to be a busy one for Mikey with his regular part time job and this side job.

To make it even better...her husband knows some men that are in the maintenance department at Longwood and wants to get Mikey together with them. Any and all of these experiences and contacts are great for our ambitious young man.

It has been an exciting time. I am glad for all of my kiddos for the opportunities that came their way this week!

Blessings on your day!


kara & jack's mom said...

I can honestly say from first hand experience that Mikey's garden is beautiful. His hard work and efforts are certainly obvious! Way to go, Mikey! We are so happy that Chelsea and Jonathan are having fun with the grandmas! (although Kara is missing Chelsea something terrible!) Becky and Warren, you have wonderful children and you have every right to be very proud of each of them! We hope you can enjoy the pool time next week! Judy

Mary Isabella said...

That is one beautiful garden..Mary

Anonymous said...

Can your son fly out here and help my yard???

Mrs. Rabe said...

That is very cool! I didn't realize Mikey wanted to go into landscaping! I will need to come by to see that new garden! Looks good on the blog!

Alicia said...

Great looking garden! Flowers are so beautiful right now, I am definitely enjoying them!!! So glad your kids were able to spend precious time with their grandparents, very important and special!!