Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Treasured Day with Family

When Warren and I were married there was one couple who were our best friends, bar none. Tim and Lee were it. Warren and Tim had grown up together and it was only by the Grace of God that both guys married crazy women who absolutely read each other's minds and got along so well. So many times you hear about best friends whose friendship goes in the tank when they get married. Not so in this case.

We lived in different parts of the state of Pa, however, before long we had all migrated to York County where we spent some great years as best of friends. We had our children at the same time and joined together to torment Tim's younger brother and his fiance as they got married by making a video for their reception. That was a true adventure that even sent Jonathan to the doctor as he got burned on a spot light. Explaining that one to the pediatrician was not fun.
But the video was hysterical!!!

In the Spring of 1993 there was a huge blizzard. We lived in a house that had only electric heat so we piled our little family into our four wheel drive truck and drove the few miles to Tim and Lee's house, (they had a wood stove), where we got snowed in for three days. It was crazy. If we had stayed at home we would have been out the next day. Tim and Lee lived on a culdesack and it took days to get plowed out. Memories...many, many memories.

Finally, Warren and I moved to Centre County, PA and before we knew it Tim and Lee had moved to Florida. Might as well be the other side of the planet for all we hear from each other...but the love and friendship continues and it is so sweet when we occasionally get together. The kids all act like they have just seen each other last week. A lovely thing, really!

This was some of the fun we had with these cousins today...

Lunch at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Yum! Today was Tim's birthday so he got to eat free. This is a picture of Tim and Warren in the gift shop talking away as they wait patiently for the rest of us to wrap up the shopping.

So serious, aren't they?

We then brought them through the winding back roads and past a gazillion Amish farms to our stomping grounds in Southern Lancaster County. We enjoyed a much appreciated time of conversation and then before we knew it they had to head on out. As everyone prepared to leave it occurred to us that we needed to get some pictures of these kids as they are growing up and even some of us as we...oh I might as well say it...are growing too...just differently!

The second cousins...

Lee...being goofy.

Tim's parents...Jim and Betty! Love them!!!

The next generation of silliness among cousins.

It was a great day.

Last but not least let me introduce you to this man...

I do not know who he is...

Just let me say that if you go to a smorgasbord
and fall asleep in a chair anywhere near me you
are in danger of becoming "Uncle Bill" for the sake
of a picture.

You should have seen that shock and
amazement from the entire family as I just announced
that I was going to take a picture of "Uncle Bill" and
snapped this, while the others were asking, "Who is Uncle Bill?".
I thought my Mom was going to die of
embarrassment... or of laughing too hard.
Lee wanted to
get her picture taken with the sleeping "Uncle Bill"
...however he stirred when my
flash went off. Good thing too.
I didn't think he was looking too good
and was glad he was still in the land
of the living!!!
The best response came from the teens. They were amazed
that their mothers would behave in so shocking a manner.


It is probably for the best that I am in PA and
Lee is in Florida most of the time. Better for
those around us, anyway...

So, as you can see we had a full and fun day.

I will go to sleep now and will be busily making
portfolios tomorrow. Back to the land of responsibility
and of being a grown-up. Sigh...I'll be back when that chore is


kara & jack's mom said...

How fun! It is always a joy to catch up with old friends, especially when the kids share the friendship! I saw the kids walking last night and could hear their laughter... it was so neat! Glad you are feeling better... now, just lay off of the kickball for awhile! I hope you have a great day!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We just joined our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids for a vacation in Lancaster County. (We're in the Midwest and they live near Boston.)

We all came away realizing if we lived there all the time, we would weigh about 400 lbs. because of the wonderful "all you can eat" places that are priced at such reasonable rates.

I FELT like the guy in the chair at times. :)