Monday, June 9, 2008

The Weekend!

O.k. So I am officially exhausted!

After a full....really full week
cleaning, painting, etc. at the church,
Friday evening was our County-wide Homeschool
Graduation. Eighty-nine young people and their
parents celebrated the end of one stage of life
and shared their dreams for the future.
The Keynote Speaker, PA State Representative,
Scott Boyd did a great job for us this year.

He met with the class twice prior to this
evening to get a feel for who they are and
what kind of a talk they were looking for.

This is our last year as Presidents on this
Homeschool Board. It is bittersweet. We have
enjoyed it but are ready to move on. We feel
the pull to less meetings, less politics, less
responsibilities for a little while.

I feel the tug to focus
on our own children as they enter
their final years of schooling.
The boys should be done in two years.
It is our goal to graduate them together. Mikey has
an awesome opportunity apparently coming his way
to intern at Longwood Gardens and we are excited about
helping him reach these goals. We will meet the
internship coordinator soon and see if this is the
right thing to do.

Saturday was Jonathan's evaluation. This meant that
all day Saturday I was preparing his portfolio using
the things he had pulled for me the day before. He has
done so well this year. Jumping a couple of years in
math. This young man with so many learning challenges
has a great attitude and makes me proud! He is maturing
at an alarming rate. Jonathan's evaluator said she had
no trouble at all giving him a passing grade! Yay!

Sunday, of course, was our 2nd Sunday in the new church
building. However, it was our first Fellowship Meal there.
I took this picture from my front seat. Hopefully, I was
discreet. This is Pastor Mike getting ready to preach.

See this piano? I am so happy to have it back!

It all went very well. The food was great. The fellowship
was sweet.
Here is a peek at the next stage in the saga of the poles...

Mike cut the pillars in two and then cut them to fit around the poles.
He epoxied the together then cut the pots and did the same thing.
I found a few flowers to put in for Sunday...since this was late
Saturday evening...I'll go get something a little bit more
substantial for this. I can just see little children pulling
the little flowers out every week. But, it is a cool concept, right?
We came home with two extra girls, the Pastor and another
man from the church. We enjoyed an afternoon of conversation
while the kids played games upstairs and down.

Later the girls' Mom, Dad and rest of the family came over and we
all watched the second National Treasure movie. What else could
we do in the 95+ degree temperatures. Fun...however, I snuck
upstairs before the movie was over and caught a catnap on the
Just had to do it. I was falling asleep sitting up.

Hope you had a good weekend.

I am off to see Tia, my neighbor's dog.
She is my responsibility for the week.
I think she'll be good for me... now. The first
time we dog-set her was a huge adventure!
Maybe I'll write about it sometime...we have
learned a few things and she knows us now so
all is good!

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Anonymous said...

I like the posts! Great idea! You could decorate the seasons in the planters and around! Very nice job!

Haven't seen AT #2 yet. I do enjoy watching the first one. I have been to all the places and can say throughout the whole movie, "I have been there" and drive everyone nuts!

My DH, DD and DS watched "Return of the Pink Panther" last night. I like these movies just as much as James Bond ones. (NOT)

Although Sat night we watched "Return to Me" which is one of my favorite movies!!