Thursday, June 5, 2008


All the aches and pains are worth it.
The rooms are coming together...

There is much to be done and I'll
be at it for weeks or months, but
I can see how we might be able to
be ready for Sunday.

The carpet is done,
the piano is here,
This room is almost completely
painted...just need to do the
baseboard and a door/trim.

Wait until you see the post upgrade
that is on its way...crazy!

Pastor Mike is so artistic and
creative. The project is underway
so I don't want to spoil it.
It will be cool!
I found the perfect way to finish the
poles so that they are a good foundation
for his project.

The Grandmas and kids come home today.
They have run out of things to do in
Virginia that are more exciting than
the things happening here. lol

I hope your day is wonderful.

I am off to take care of the plethora
of animals that need to be taken care
of between our three houses:

Us: 2 Dogs, 2 cats
Mom: 1 Dog, 2 cats
Georgia: 1 cat

It is a bit crazy walking all of the
dogs and keeping up with which cats
are in or out. Don't think I've lost
one yet, though.

See You!


Anonymous said...

The room looks great. Can't wait to see all the pictures!!

lady jane said...

Your sanctuary is beautiful! Love the lightest of blue color on the main wall. The color is worshipful. Can a color enduce worship? hm. Well, if it can, then this blue is worshipful. :o)

Hard, hard work but oh so worth it. God bless you big time.