Saturday, June 21, 2008

Church Project Photos

I intend to put a pretty wide ribbon behind these plaques to tie them together
and give this a more cohesive look.
I may darken the color on each plaque a bit to help it
to blend into the fabric better.
I'm not sure about that yet...
I'll see what the ribbon does for it first.

I found the frame in a clearance section at
Kirklands. It had held a mirror but that had
broken during shipment to the store so I was
able to get the frame for $25. I then found this
fabric for $3.49 per yard. It is good upholstery
material. We had it just plain for the first two
weeks. When I saw these plaques this week I thought
maybe we could do something with them here.
We will see.
Note: Clicking on these pictures will enlarge them. It is worth it.

Remember these posts?

This is a picture I took last night.
Both posts have been re-worked.
They are not perfect but are certainly more
friendly than they were before.

I found this Walk by Faith stick-on while
we were at Shady Maple this week. It represents
exactly what we are doing here at the church.
It is all by Faith!!!! Pastor Mike had picked up
this picture at the local Goodwill and we thought
the path reminds us that we are all "Walking by Faith...
not by sight".

We finally got the reception area painted.
The walls were so dirty. This green turned out
pretty well and while I know border is not for
everyone, it takes some of the commercial feel
out of this space.


Well, I am off to do some candle business. I have a couple of fundraisers on your day!


KJ said...

Ah, the art of the personal touch... I love the improvements!

And off to do candles, too! Ambitious lady today. I have a 5-hour rehearsal during a record breaking heat spell, so I wish I could zap out your way and help. Cyndi, a friend who posts on my blog, is from Carlisle and she says your weather is cool right now. Sign me up!

I was just showing Bear some vintage photos of Berks County—mostly Reading. He was blown away!

Have a great weekend, Becky!

Hugs, KJ

Alicia said...

Its looking great Becky!! I love the "walk by faith!!"

Tracy said...

Simply amazing, Becky!! You all have done a fantastic job bringing God's House to life! Hope this finds you having a great weekend! :o) ((HUGS))