Friday, June 20, 2008

Nature's Joy

The trees whisper with secrets,
The wind tells a tale all its own,
The ground holds the mystery of days gone by,
while we trod the grass we've sown.

The birds sing their songs of joy,
The geese honking in their flight,
The sky is endless as it soars,
we seek to look beyond our sight.

The Word was spoken, all appeared,
The trees respendent in their green,
The animals in furry splendor knew,
Creator God had caused this scene.

The peace that settled in the land,
The beauty that grew and delighted there,
The groan as man and woman failed,
...what a guilt the two did share.

The curse that came to us that day,
The pain and suffering that we must bear,
The Creator God who loves us so,
provided reconciliation with much care.

The Babe was born one troubled eve,
The parents weary and oh, so alone,
The barn was filled with furry beasts,
To welcome the One who would atone.

The people rushing to and fro,
The harried crowds and angry young,
The hurting, longing young and old,
seek the secrets whispered not by tongue.

The woman in her home so lost,
The man at work with money lust,
The children playing in the yard,
wonder at the they trust?

The rocks and trees are screaming,
The ground holds the mystery so grand,
The wind still whispers, "HE did this!",
evidenced by the works of His own hand.

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Elijah's Mommy said...

That was really great!