Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Church has Come Home!

After six months of "living out of a suitcase",
as our pastor puts it, we have a home!

It is so wonderful!

Did you know that you subconsciously hold
back when you know that there is a full
dining room of people attempting to eat
their breakfast just on the other side
of the door? Or...that it is a bit
distracting to the sermon to hear a
server introduce herself and go over
all of the items on the buffet? One of
our elders said he was gone after she
mentioned the

So this week was Amazing!!!!
Loved it...multiple floors and ugly
walls and everything!!

Here we are after all of the "stuff"
has been brought in and we were cleaning
and situating for Sunday. It is all gone
again because we will paint and have
carpet laid this week, but it was fun to
see this space transformed into something
that looked like a church.

Our newest family, whom I will refer
to by initials, B&C,
were such a huge help!
I believe that they were cleaning
the bathroom for about two hours!
The building has been empty for more
than two years and everything was
very, very dirty. The bathroom was
the worst. After the fact, I told B.
that it was their initiation and they
Of course, I think I am funny...

Their children worked so hard!

L. vacuumed everything that could be vacuumed...
and that is a lot! Their boys carried things
here and there at our request and E.
helped set up chairs and place hymnals and
Bibles on them. Awesome family!

As I mentioned before, our first service was
great! The music, prayer and preaching were
wonderful and then there was a time of prayers
of dedication of the building.

Then...anticlimactic...we took everything down
in preparation of this week's renovations.
Even as we were doing it we said...this is the
last time! After this it stays up! Yay!

Last evening a bunch of us gathered at a local
park. It was my first time there. Beautiful!
Here are some shots...Unfortunately all of the
work of the weekend caught up with me and I was
in a lot of pain...but here are a few pics.

I am sending you wishes for a wonderful week.

"See you" soon with more fun.


Mrs. Rabe said...

How delightful! B&C are great and so is their family! I am glad they have found a church family.

Maybe we will have to come for a visit sometime.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am so glad that things are working out for you!! Do remember to not overdo don't need to be in pain when there are so many things to do!!