Friday, September 17, 2010

With an Evil Twinkle in My Eye.....

Another story from our time in the
mountains of Potter County....

We were so happy to find this gem along our path.
What you need to know is that Warren is inside....
It was a lock and worries...I made him go back and unlock it!
As you know Warren loves it so much when I capture these kinds of moments.
Do you see the love on his face?
Well, at least he is a great sport!!!
Warren was not the only one to use this 
perfectly placed potty.
He, however, was the only one to 
be "blessed" with a photo session.

I tell this tale for a purpose today.
It is not just to embarrass him.
It is so that you will remember to keep
him in your prayers over the next
couple of days.

Warren had surgery on Monday.
It was outpatient and while
we expected pain we did not
understand the extent of the pain.


On day five....he is still suffering... so much.
I did not share about the surgery initially 
because the poor dear didn't need his
privacy invaded that much....
but now he is in dire need of your prayers.

I know we have been very needy of late.
I so appreciate your comments and 
prayers.  They have lifted me up and 
been a huge blessing.
Blog friends are amazing!


jAne said...

you are *so* bad! i love it. ;o)

been praying and will continue to do so....


Vee said...

Just lost a witty comment here and then the entire computer crashed. No, I don't think that it has anything to do with your blog. Just the story of my blogging experience lately...ERROR 503!

So this is what a man has to go through to get a little prayer? :D

I have prayed for Warren to have relief today. If you call his doctor and tell him what's going on, I'm sure that he can help. In the meantime, we'll take it right to the Great Physician and ask His advice and healing. Over the top pain is never good.

Karen said...

You guys have so much on your plate lately. I appreciate that your sense of humor is still intact, in spite of all the curveballs life has been throwing your way.

Clarence is unexpectedly home today so Warren gets double the prayers from here today. Keep us posted-we are honored to pray for you!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember reading about Warren's surgery, except in today's post. I'm sorry if I missed reading about the surgery when it happened. I hope that the pain Warren is feeling goes away real soon!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I will keep Warren in my thoughts and prayers.

I love the outhouse...when we build our dream home someday..I want to build a shed in the backyard and make it look like an outhouse :)

Anonymous said...

I will pray for Warren, Becky!

I love this post. When I was a teenager. We lived about 60 miles from my grandparents. The road was a state highway, in the Ozarks, remote, hilly and curvy. There was an outhouse at an old school house, just about half way to my grandparents. For some unknown reason, we seemed to need to use the facility on just about evey other trip! Through blizzards and snakey days of summer...! This post reminded me of those trips!

Thanks so much for finding the new Back Porch. It has certainly been an interesting week!:-)

Carol said...

I was busy yesterday babysetting so I couldn't leave a comment. I continue praying for your sweet Chelsea. With God all things are possible.

Poor Warren. I'm praying his pain eases.

I'm also praying for you, Becky as you help your loved ones face their challenges.

Love & Hugs,

Tracy said...

He'll be in my prayers. ( And he does appear to be a good sport!)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Wicked girl!

You know many prayers being lifted up for him over at Creekside Cottage!

He's one of our favorites!

LV said...

Your fellow is a good sport. That was a gem of an idea for a post. I had not thought of that one yet. However, I do not go around watching people enter these little necessity places. Trust your hubby starts feeling better soon. No one should have to endure that much pain.

Elena said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I will lift him up in prayer. My hubby was in so much pain a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy he is better now. I know how hard it is to see someone you love in pain.

Gayla said...

Well, you guys have really been hit lately... You are in my prayers. Take care of each other... Hugs...