Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Pic, Sweet Kiddos

This photo was taken at 
our church picnic yesterday....

Chelsea, Sarah and Noah

Aren't they precious?


Susy said...

This really is a sweet photo in so many ways. The setting, the framing of the photo, Sarah's arm around bashful Noah, and Chelsea looking pretty darn cute. A keeper.

Okay - I should probably know this by now, by are Sarah and Noah your other children?

Blessings, Susy

Becky K. said...

Hi Susy,
No, Sarah and Noah are two children of friends from church. Different families. I just happen to love them to pieces. Sarah's big sister Emma took this picture. I didn't know who took it when I posted it but I finally asked Chelsea.
Becky K.

jAne said...

this *is* a sweet picture.


Tracy said...

Yes'm they are!

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture!

Emily said...

This is SO cute! I didn't realize jjust how cute when I took it ;-)

One of my new favorites!