Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Calming Outdoor Wednesday

 Joining Susan's Outdoor Wednesday

This is a week in which our schedule
makes calm a bit difficult to find.  
However, I discovered a moment
of joy by looking out my front 
window yesterday afternoon.
I grabbed the camera because this 
is what I saw.

You know the power of beauty to soothe.
I believe it is a very direct gift of our 
Creator to His creation.

Seeing HIS Provision in the bales of corn
stalks.  There will be some very happy cows
in the cold of winter!

In return they will produce some amazing
milk to make us strong and healthy.

Seeing HIS creative touch in the amazing roses,

and mallow flowers.  

Loving it...and loving HIM!


Liane said...

Those roses are absolutely gorgeous..... the colors are perfect!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures of the roses. Your macro shots are really good!

Chicken Wrangler said...

Beautiful photos, lovely words. Thanks for sharing today, Becky!

Marydon said...

G'morn, Becky ~ Hard as I try, I can never get my bales of hay pics to come out, you have captured them so beautifully.

That rose is BREATHTAKING!

Have a great week ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love this time of year! It makes my heart so happy!

Vee said...

Many delights to see just beyond your windows! Those roses are beyond fantastic and the mallow flowers...never knew what they were before. We don't see good old-fashioned hay bales like that anymore. Your neighbor must have some good-working old equipment.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Beautiful Becky and I loved seeing the old fashioned rectangular hay bales! When we drive up to Vermont now, all we see are the large circular ones.
♥, Susan

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoy seeing the fields in harvest this time of year....thanks for sharing them...I agree with your words completely...and I am ever thankful for what he provides for my eyes to enjoy.
Mama Bear

Fifi Flowers said...

I should bring my painted animals over to your farm!

jAne said...

i love hay. while traveling the west and pennsylvania (separate trips) i noticed that the bales are combined and stacked differently in various locales. interesting.

God is so thoughtful in His creation. beautiful flowers. love your photography.

Melissa G. said...

ahhh, these photos bring rest to my soul. God is so good to have surrounded us with such beautiful things.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Fabulous photos Becky! Beautiful and serene.

I noticed Oliver's picture on the sidebar and chuckled when I read the caption. I have a few of those... Amazing how quickly they worm their way into our hearts.

~ Tracy

JD said...

You have great views out your windows....On my side of my house, I see a wall, another side, just a super busy street too close to our home...Your views so look peaceful...