Friday, September 10, 2010

Time Away....It Was Good

Spending time with our family is
so very precious. Given how quickly
our three are growing up and how
busy they are with all of their
own interests it was a joy to go
to "our" mountain retreat and just
be together.

Every year has its own unique
activities but there are certain
things that must happen, as well.

Pastor Mike builds awesome rockets!

Dirtbikes....Of Course!!

My Sister-in-law and her sister.

On our way for ice cream.
Perry's Ice Cream...check!

Movies on the wall....check!

Mikey makes huge fires.


This was Bandit's first year to 
join us in the mountains.

I didn't know how she would do...

but other than serious car sickness
she was amazing!!

Chloe is so content here.

She absolutely loves the mountains
and wagged herself silly as soon as 
she recognized the cabin.

I have more photos and stories to share...
but not tonight.
We are tired.
Our days ahead will be full.
So...I will say "goodnight" and hope to 
visit with everyone again soon.
I can't wait to introduce you to a 
very special young friend.
I think Sunday will be a good day for 
that introduction.
Hope you'll come back and 
meet Zeb.


Vickie said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip - your puppies are "dog" tired, too, I'll bet - so cute!

We're all looking forward to seeing pics of your mountain time!

Vee said...

Looks like an amazing time for each and every member of the family, even the furry ones.

Anonymous said...

It is always good to get away together, spend time as a family. Your words and photographs show just that .. that you had a good time at your mountain retreat.

Karen June Miller said...

What great memories! I could use a mountain retreat right now. Family time is so important!

I am hosting an Autumn Tea Giveaway. Stroll by when you have a moment!

Hugs, Karen

Chicken Wrangler said...

Love that bonfire! And the pups look like they're having fun!

Karen said...

That is some fire!

I'm so glad you were able to get away and spend some nice time together. Looking forward to hearing more about it. I'm awfully glad you're back, though.

Lisa said...

Looks like everyone was having a great time!! I love the look of your blog by the way!

Elena said...

Your retreat sounds so wonderful! I loved all the pictures:)