Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sobering News

It is very common for me to read 
 news on the computer.  
It used to be that I relied
on the television but lately 
it is just more convenient to read it here.  
Yesterday I was doing just that 
when I stumbled on an article 
that shocked and 
saddened our entire family.  
It involves the family 
who is responsible for us having 
our rescue dog, Bandit.  

The mother is the president of 
Plain and Fancy
Animal Rescue.

Apparently early Saturday 
morning they were asleep 
when a fire broke out in their home.  
One of the dogs woke their twenty year old
daughter who heard her father 
yelling to the kids to "stay low".  

The daughter was able to 
help the four younger ones 
out of the house but the 
parents were trapped in a 
second floor bedroom.  
When the first responders
arrived they put a ladder to the window 
and brought the parents down but
the father passed away on the scene.  
The mother, with whom I have had several 
conversations and who personally 
chose Bandit for us, is in critical condition.

So often we read the news 
and it is quite entertaining.  
Sometimes it is the 
ammunition I use against Mikey's 
desire for a fast motorcycle.
Other stories make me shake
my head at the lengths people will
go to in order to avoid 
actually earning a living. 
Almost amusing.
But the news of this 
family's tragedy struck deep. 
If you would
like to read the story 
and see the photos you can do that here.

Know that you are reading 
about people of a very caring spirit 
and loving hearts.  
Remember that there are 
now five children who are fatherless.  
Take a moment to ponder 
the fact that their lives changed
in just a few minutes.  
We just never know.

Please pray for the 
Harrower family.
Linda Harrower will need 
God's help in a way
she never has before.....


Vee said...

Oh, Becky, what an awful thing. Yes, I will certainly pray for Linda and her children. May the Lord's presence be so very real to them at this time.

Debby said...

What a sad story. I am glad that the children were okaya. That poor mom. I hope she recovers. Prayers for the family.

LV said...

There is hardly ever any good news anymore. I seldom watch TV and what little news I get is from the paper or computer. What a terrible tragedy.

Susy said...

I'm so sorry for the family's loss and will keep them in prayer. I'm sure your heart is breaking. Blessings, SD

Lisa said...

Wow, prayers will be said for this family. In times like these you just wish you could turn back time to keep the tragedy from happening again. Or you just want the world to stop for a few short hours so you can catch up. God bless this family.

Persuaded said...

so so so sad:-{

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, This is such a sad thing to read in the news. It is like losing a little piece of yourself. I am so sorry to hear this.
♥, Susan

Anonymous said...

This is a shocking story! Prayers for family! It will be hard for them.

I can't believe the gal who said she had acid thrown on her face. She was on the news etc.....Then it comes out she did it herself. What in the world? I cannot believe it! She was a pretty gal!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of the father in this family. I'll pray for them. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but I have been reading. We were out of town, and I had trouble working my son's laptop, so I just read, but didn't try to sign in to blogger :-)

Carol said...

Such a sad story. When these horrible things happen to people we know it hits hard. I'm adding them to my prayer list.

Hugs & Love,

Mrs.Rabe said...

So sad...

Buttercup said...

My thoughts and prayers are with this family and I will add them to my daily prayer list.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this family's loss, especially the loss of the father.

Karen said...

Such a tragedy. Praying God will meet all their needs during this terrible time.

What a hero they had for a husband and father.