Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friendships New and Old

I had contacted Yvonne, of the Stone Gable blog,
about meeting up with our group of 
local Bloggers the last time we met and
unfortunately something came up for her
so she was unable to make it.

But we agreed to meet for coffee.

A time was agreed upon and I was
looking forward to making a new
Then I ended up in the hospital.
So...we postponed again.
Until yesterday....when Yvonne,
smiling, warm and bursting with energy,
came through the door of
a local restaurant bearing this gorgeous bouquet 
of flowers cut from her garden.
We had such sweet conversation.
Sharing our hearts about God and family.
While we are in different stages of our lives,
I appreciate the complexity that each 
season of life brings.
Looking forward is good.
Meeting new friends is 
so much fun!
Now, back at Hospitality Lane,
with laundry to do, 
continuing ed to complete...
or my financial business will go away...
candle orders to fill
and people to feed,
I took some time this morning to show
Chelsea how to clean a copper
Revere pan with lemon juice and salt.
So, so much fun!!!!
Do you think I am procrastinating just a bit??
Perhaps...o.k.... definitely!

Well, I'll procrastinate just a bit more because
my dear "old" friend, Shelley, is visiting.

I love her.
She loves me.
She leaves my husband alone...
(dare I say that this is always
a good idea for lasting friendships?)
She loves my kids!
They love her!
We shall have a wonderful time today!

I am very blessed, indeed.

How have you been blessed this week?


Susy said...

Happy Saturday. Such a beautiful bouquet! And how thoughtful. I'm going to visit Karen today - she's having a Pampered Chef party. Looking forward to a cup of her tea.
Enjoy your week end with friends and family.

P.S. Love the new header

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becky Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. Oh I am so jealous that you got to me Yvonne. She is such a lovely lady. I know you had a wonderful time together. It is SO much fun meeting new friends isn't it?

I love the flowers that you shared with you. How exquisite they are. My gosh such colors with vibrancy, all of my flowers died months ago from the heat and neglect of me being to ill to take care of them. DH has tried but alas, a gardener he is not.

Oh sweetie, please share the recipe for cleaning the copper bottom pans, as I have Revereware and would love to know the secret too. I have a gas stove and it is SO hard on the pans.

Hope you have a beautiful day sweetie and that you are feeling well. I think of you and smile when I see my candles. I still have not been able to bring myself to burn them. If I do they will be gone, and for now I can look, smell and smile, and think of the day that you handed them to me yourself. I so love them sweetie.

Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Gayla said...

This has been a mixed blessing week for me. It began with that awful shock of losing our young friend and soldier. I love his mother so much that I feel a true loss. I have had fun with Mom, entertained a dear friend for a midnight visit long overdue. She is wonderful, a former student, and I just love her... LOVE your flowers.... Hugs!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, so glad you were able to meet with friends.

Yes, I am always blessed.


Jean Tuthill said...

Thanks for coming by to visit. The flowers are so pretty. It is always fun to meet new friends...I am blessed every day that I wake up, I have so much love and happiness around me. I love being retired and doing whatever I please. I couldn't do this for most of my life, but I can now! I love it!

Jacquelynne said...

I was blessed this week by having my daughter come home from college for the weekend (I always love having her home, she makes me laugh).
Hope you are doing well, gorgeous flowers.

Elena said...

Such lovely flowers. Sweet friendship so such a blessing. I was blessed this week by going out garage saling and the last stop I ran into a gal I went to grade school with. She is a believer and it was so great to connect with her.