Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Marydon and Outdoor Wednesday

These two things have absolutely nothing in common
but they both must make it into a post today.  

You see, I met this lovely lady when she hosted a 
Blog Meet when Sherry was visiting the 
East Coast from her home in Arizona.  We had a 
very delightful luncheon and fascinating conversation.

Last week Marydon offered to do a post about my 
candle website because she is just sweet like that.  So, it 
is up on her blog right now.  I hope you'll get to know
her and even check out her store.
I've never seen anything quite like it.

Now, to segue into Outdoor Wednesday with our
Last week, in the mountains, of North Central Pennsylvania
we chose the wrong day to visit Lyman Lake.
I don't know exactly why we went on the only 
truly overcast day of the week but I do know that 
it wasn't raining when we left the cabin.

However, by the time we arrived at the lake it was a
steady downpour.  Not to be deterred we all piled 
out and headed on over to the lakeside.

Jonathan had his fishing pole and found a dock from
which to cast.  

He got several nibbles but was not
able to actually catch any fish in his few minutes there.
The rain became quite a deluge and we were all a bit
soaked.  But, boy was it fun!

One funny moment happened when our 
young and lively dog, Bandit, came running at full speed.
She spotted Jonathan at the end of the dock and attempted
to take the shortest route to him.  What she did not notice 
was that there was water between herself and Jonathan.
From four quickly pumping legs on the ground 
to a significant splash... 
that quickly she was in the water.  
She went under 
and then resurfaced 
with a face full of green plants and algae.
For some reason I just froze.  
I was worried about her but my feet wouldn't move.  
Thankfully, Mikey was right there
and helped her out of the water...she was swimming very 
nicely but she really couldn't see.  
Poor Bandit looked like a
miniature swamp monster.  
We got quite the mileage out of that event.

Every chance we got everyone huddled under
any available shelter.
Three reactions to the day....Chelsea is just being funny.
O.k. so Mike must have taken this one.  I look so glamorous in Jonathan's gray striped hoodie!

I just had to get photos of the various lineups.  

Such fun this was. 
I would do it again, even if I knew it was going to rain.
Although, a day like the one we enjoyed 
today would be even better! 
Sunny and 78 degrees.  
That is what I am 
talking about!!


Vickie said...

Hi Becky - it's so amazing to see jackets and hoodies when we're having 95 degree temps! And they say we will for at least anoather week! bleh...

Looks like ya'll could use another outing to that beautiful lake and another chance at fishing. I'm glad little Bandit didn't wind up being fish bait!

I'm heading over to Marydon's blog now! Have a good Wednesday, Becky!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky!

Happy belated birthday to you dear friend. The cake I know was quite yummy and it sure is beautiful!:o)

What lovely photos for your "Outdoor Wednesday!:o) By the way, I love your stripped jacket it looks comfy cozy:o) I am on a little blogging break right now but I had to drop by and say hello. Happy week to you dear Becky.



Tracy said...

Great line ups there, Becky! hehehe... such fun to see everyone's expressions! Looked/sounded like a very fun day! Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated! Chelsea's lemom-blueberry cake was a triumph of beauty...*swoon*... Wishing you the best year and wishes come true! ((HUGS))

Tracy said...

I can just picture Bandit as a swamp monster. I'm sure that was pretty funny. So Sorry that it rained on you. I prefer to be outside on overcast days, but the rain is another thing.

Vee said...

This could be named "any port in a storm" or "any overhang will do." Very cute line-ups! Off to visit Marydon. I've seen her commenting for years and have never visited...that's awful!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh these photos make me laugh! Such fun....

Anonymous said...

I HATE those "Service unavailable" popups!

It looks like you all had such a great time at the lake, even in the rain. You made the best of it; that's great! Even though you didn't take a picture of the "miniature swamp monster", I can see Bandit looking like that in my mind's eye. Great imagery in your words! I liked your line-up pictures, especially the last one. You can tell in that picture what is dry and what is wet.

Marina Capano said...

Lovely pics and post!


BittersweetPunkin said...

I love visiting our lake in the rain...it's so pretty and nobody else is there :)

Your Birthday cake looks so yummy...was it as good as it looks?
Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you Sweets!


Karen said...

Funny story about your little swamp monster. She'll never live that one down. Thanks for the chuckles.

Anonymous said...

Hi becky.I just wanted to say I visted your candle shop nice flavors for fall.I caught Marydons post today.

Happy rest of the wek!

JEANNE said...

What a fun post and your photos and story if the day was so much fun to read. Poor pup, he isn't looking like he was mentally damaged. Smile. You all look so cute with your adventure in the rain. The lake and dock is beautiful.
Hugs, Jeanne