Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Very Busy Day....

Three Kids, Three Directions.
Add Mom and Dad and we have
five people going five ways.

At various points in the day we will
reconnect and regroup.

This morning Chelsea leaves with 
Grandma Georgia, I'll get her about lunchtime
and go to Hershey 
for Doctor Appointments.
She and Mikey have plans
this evening....
that is what I mean 
by regroup.  
Its literal.

Now, I need to go wake up the 
two remaining sleepers.
Mikey is already headed 
to work
Jonathan needs to get up 
and ready to help some 
friends move
and it is time for Chelsea
to get up. about you?
Or do you have time to sit
and eat Bonbons? 

That is what we do, 
isn't it?



Carol said...

I'm getting ready for our big garage sale on Saturday. I've still got stuff to get out & price.

Lovin' this Autumn weather!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I like bon bons!

Busy day on tap here, too.

Kay's moving in, Kyle has a dentist appointment, Lindsay is giving 3 riding lessons today, and has physical therapy...

Thanks for the loan of Jonathan - Tim really appreciates it!

jAne said...

hm. you're busy. ;o)

i'm pickling green beans today (about 8 pints i think) and working more on a slipcover. not as easy as i thought it'd be. i had thoughts yesterday of tossing the whole shabang. we'll see how today progresses.


Karen said...

Bonbons? You've got bonbons? I bet Chelsea made them, didn't she?

I'll be right over. Make that *we* will be right over. My girls won't let me make this trip alone.

Oh, yeah, that won't work, will it? First we have to get school out of the way, run several errands and do quiz practice and church tonight. Sigh. It was such a great idea, too.

Susy said...

Today I'm going to check out a small old hotel that the city may let us use a part of, to store donated furniture and housewares we collect for the formerly homeless. As the city places them into their own apts, my team provides the furnishings. Hope it happens. We have to be out of our existing warehouse in 30 days.

Anonymous said...

I will be leaving for work in a few minutes. When I come home, I'll be preparing dinner. This morning I worked on paperwork that may provide two photographic opportunities for me. Wish me luck with the photographic opportunities!

Brittany Ann said...

Phew! I feel busy, and we don't even have kids yet! Yikes! I can only imagine how stressed you are!