Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Friday in Lancaster, PA

Sometimes you have a plan laid out....
Sometimes everyone is on the same page....
Sometimes that plan gets adjusted!

That is exactly what happened last evening
when Mrs. Rabe, Emma, Lindsay, Georgia,
Chelsea and I headed into Lancaster for
a good time. Each First Friday of the month
is celebrated by shop owners, art galleries,
churches and restaurants. They stay open
late and welcome the influx of visitors.

We were headed for Rachel's Creperie.
A well known spot in downtown Lancaster.
Alas, there was no on street parking to be
found nearby and the line was well down the
sidewalk so we went to the
WOW Cafe & Wingery instead.

Now, this would not have been a bad choice
IF they had not just lost a server the night
before and if we did not intend to do something
immediately after. But waiting 20 minutes to
have our order taken and an hour for the food
made us a bit testy. We all agree that we were
very kind but finally spoke up and got the
manager's attention.

I have to say we made the most of it and enjoyed
our conversation and friendship anyway.

Lindsay tried the sauce sampler with her
boneless wings. They were pretty colorful
and I think she enjoyed it. Lindsay is very
analytical so she took this sampler quite
seriously....but I must not have been paying
attention because I don't remember which was
her favorite. I did note that the raspberry
sauce was very, very red!

What happened right before we left this restaurant
is something of an embarrassment but it was one of
the funniest moments of the evening. I know there
is no way you can grasp the humor that had Emma,
Chelsea and I doubled over and snorting with laughter.

You see, after two hours in the restaurant we decided
to visit the ladies room before going back into the
heart of the city. After walking down a long scary
hall we entered the ladies room where we found two
stalls and one was occupied. As we took turns I ended up
teasing Emma when she came out with toilet paper stuck
to her shoe...but by the time she looked down it had
come unstuck.

Let that be a lesson to me!!!!

When I came out I not only had one piece of
toilet paper stuck to one shoe but actually
had a piece on each shoe....AND it would not
come off!!! Apparently the moves I made to
attempt to get it off without touching it
cracked the girls up....their laughing and
my situation, after the tension in the dining
room, made for a situation of extreme giggles.
I noticed, however, that there was someone in
the restroom with us and tried very hard to
laugh quietly which led instead to loud snorts.
When that woman came out of the stall there
the three of us were just doubled over. She
happened to be an employee and I don't even
want to know what she was thinking!

Oh, my, goodness! I have traumatized the girls.
Emma has promised to never forget Mrs. K.
dancing around the bathroom trying to get the
toilet paper off her shoes.

Finally outside on the sidewalk I was able to
scrape it off. Want to see the remnants?

Oh, you didn't?
I'm sorry!!!

Well, after leaving WOW we headed
to our friend Denny's store.
He is an amazing business man.

I am so impressed by his skills at
display and choices of merchandise.
Over the years his shop has evolved
and is now nearly all jewelry and
bags...but it is all attractive and
eye catching.

The pricing was so good that I found myself tempted but we have had
way too many medical bills lately for me to spend anything extra.
Maybe next time....

Looking at the girls through the front window.

Denny behind the counter.

Chelsea models adorable sunglasses and a huge necklace!


Our final stop for the evening was
The Prince Street Cafe.
Chelsea and I will have to come back
here soon.
It was fun...but packed and loud!
I enjoyed a root beer float while
Chelsea had a chocolate mint smoothie.

On our way back to the car we found one
of the many, many pianos that have been
randomly placed all around the city.
The girls played on it for a couple of
minutes but gave up quickly when one of
the black keys fell off.

These poor pianos have seen a lot of action,
rain and playing time. But they are painted
colorfully and are a fun addition to the city.

We will not soon forget this visit to First Friday
and will treasure the memories.
In fact, I would be willing to go back to the
WOW Wingery Restaurant...but not on a Friday night.

Have I mentioned lately
how amazing our friends are?
We are very blessed.

To Read Mrs. Rabe's take on the evening


jAne said...

you are INDEED blessed!
what a fun night - thanks so much for sharing about the TP incident. i hope you let the restaurant management know that their TP is rather clingy. ;o)


Mrs.Rabe said...

I just think that the TP wanted to escape the restaurant too! LOL!

Seriously, I would go back to try the food again, but I agree not on a Friday, and not so soon after a new semester at Franklin and Marshall has started!

Vee said...

Is this the gal who was going to take a break? I wasn't going to take a break, but now find that I am.

Fun times in the bathroom. At least your skirt wasn't tucked into your underwear like the poor lady at the ice cream shop last night. Even her husband wouldn't tell her! I was mortified for her, but she was blissfully unaware so perhaps she never knew the difference. Course, I do want to know why Chelsea didn't snap a picture of your dance. ;>

Gayla said...

How funny. Just a breath of fresh air! I loved it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun girls night out! Cool you didn't let the bad restaurant experiences get you down.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Seems like there was some serious hilarity going on! It is always good to have a day out with the girls.
♥, Susan

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

It sounds like you had a fun time on Friday, especially in the bathroom.

Emily said...

As I read this, the image of you (ok, us) in the restroom came back! And I think I laughed just as much! Our outing was very fun! And you described EVERYTHING so well :-D

Elena said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for the bathroom story, it had me laughing too:)