Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Zeb

Just a little over a year ago Kelly, from Cozy Comforts,
and I had a plan.  We were going to go to 
Longwood Gardens together.  
We were both looking forward to it. 
Then something unexpected

Kelly and her husband Duane received a call
that a little boy needed a home.  I don't think 
it could have taken them very long, at all,
to say yes...because that very week they told us 
that there would be a new addition to their family.
There was no guarantee that this would lead to 
adoption...but there was hope.

Zeb would be with them within days.
No trip to the gardens for us.
Not yet.

However, Zeb has more than made up for
being such a dramatic interruption.
He is such a loving child.
There is not a Sunday that goes by where 
I don't get a huge hug and a cheerful greeting
from young Zeb.

Recently during our prayer time in our Sunday
Service a little voice has piped up asking God
to help him to be adopted.

While we were away this past week Zeb's 
earnest prayer was answered.
You can read about his special day....
We were so sad to have missed it but
Lord willing we have many wonderful 
years to spend enjoying the sweet spirit
of this little man.  

None of us that know Zeb's story can 
help but to relate his adoption story to 
our own Spiritual Adoption.
From our own sad state of being ~
to being a part of HIS glorious family....forever...
....With much rejoicing!!!

Thanks Zeb.
Mrs. K thinks you are special
and that God has a marvelous plan 
for your life!!


Anita said...

What an incredible story about what must be an incredible child and couple! Thanks for sharing!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I just read Zeb's beautiful adoption story. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Vee said...

Oh I loved that comparison of adoption...I'm so grateful to have been adopted. Zeb is such a handsome, bright child. May he meld right into his new family with great joy all around. It's obvious that God is blessing...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Jeb's adoption story with us, Becky. Jeb looks like he was adopted into a good family.

Debby said...

dopting a child that needs a home is such a blessed event. It is even more so than looking for a child to adopt. We weren't even thinking of adopting. I had been battling cancer for less than a year when our little guy came into our lives. He started out as an emergency foster child and then we adopted him. The road was very rocky and still is but he was worth the struggles. God bless this family.

Persuaded said...

Adoption is the most amazing picture of God's love for us and the relationship He allows us to have with Him. I am so so fortunate and blessed to have experienced it in my own family♥

JD said...

What a beautiful post...I tried commenting on this earlier, and dear Blogger would not let me...hope this goes through...This is especially meaningful for me, this I am "adopted" I was truly blessed to have the mother that I had.