Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Leave the Light on for....

...the worms!"

Yes, I actually heard this
come from my mouth.
I did a double take!!

Remember the post about Mikey
starting a vermi(Worm) composting

Well, they arrived.

We have had chicks in the garage.
We have had a rabbit as a pet.
Multiple dogs and cats.
A hamster.
A guinea pig.
And several fish.

However, I never in a million
years thought I would be concerned
about whether the worms were getting
enough to eat or that we would be
leaving the garage light on 24 hours
a day until they get acclimated.

Weird stuff!

Even for me.


Gayla said...

Happy Easter! Loved your post. . .

Yep... a tidge weird! but as always, so sweet...

Tracy said...

Angel is taking an insect class right now so we have 2 super worms 2 crickets and are waiting for our ant farm to come in the mail!! That's in addition to the 20 gallon fish tank and 2 dogs. I can relate!