Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cat in A Tree - And Clothes on a Line

It must be Oliver's week at Hospitality Lane....

He is quite the handsome boy...

Even at a mature eight years of age.

Notice the laundry in the background?
I love that the sun is out and the clothes
are drying in the fresh air.

Some years ago we had taken the clothes line down after it
had been stretched out by many neighborhood children.
They didn't do it out of malice...
apparently it was just fun to hang on.
However, when Georgia moved in next door
Warren put it back up
and tightened it once more.
She uses it much more than we do...but occasionally
I enjoy hanging out some clothes.
Especially Jonathan's.
They can't go in the dryer anyway.
No shrinkage allowed.
Shirts get too short
too quickly!
His 6'6" frame is
not very forgiving.

The other thing I love to
hang out is

Everything comes in smelling so fresh and lovely.

However, I lose interest when there are about a
billion itty bitty spiders making their home
on the clothesline.
I don't enjoy spiders...
big or small.

So, early Spring mornings.
Birds singing.
Sun shining!
No Spiders to be found.
Good laundry hanging days.

I am fickle.
I know it!

Do you hang your laundry out?
Is it fun for you...
or a chore?


detweilermom said...

Your Cat is a handsome fellow.
You asked about the book and I would probably say no. There was more language and violence than I would have liked. I would think it really is more for a a man in is thirties. Isn't it hard to find books for the kids that are appropriate. I did just read a book called Necessary Heartbreak by Michael Sullivan. It really was good. It is about a father and daughter going back in time to the week of the Crucifixtion. He might like that one. It kept me on the edge of my seat and was filled with suspense. I will be involved in a blog tour on it next week so will probably post the review on both my blogs.

Have a great day.

Brittany Ann said...

I hang almost all my laundry when I can! It's more affordable! My dryer takes a ton of energy and makes my power bill pricey!

Terry said...

I love your cat...beautiful.

I do not hang my clothes out. I have before and birds seem to think it is their private toilet. Besides that, I am lazy and it is just easier to throw it in the dryer.

Persuaded said...

OK Becky... now you're just being cruel!

after all don't you know recollect my clothesline-envy-issues???


Vee said...

Can I just say how marvelous that first photo is?! The composition is fantastic. Course, it does help to have a handsome kitty. You should frame it and hang it in your laundry room!

Love to hang laundry outside and wish that I didn't have to contend with garbage-burning neighbors so that I can't. Hmmmm, nothing more wonderful that fresh sheets from the line.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
Your kitty and yard are gorgeous! :)
I don't dry my clothes outdoors right now, but I do love the way the feel and smell after drying in the sunshine.
Your springtime days look lovely!

Vickie said...

Hi Becky. I'm in the process of begging for a clothes-line. I hang some shirts and things like that on hangers outside, but I'd love to hang sheets & towels outside. Then, again, we have lots of birds, too, that poop on everything. Well, that's just part of it I guess. Enjoy your fresh laundry - Give it a great big sniff for me!

Carol said...

I grew up with a clothesline in the backyard, we didn't have a dryer until my first year of college. I love the smell of linens that have been dried outside.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, Oliver is so adorable. Your pictures are always so lovely.

So glad you test went well. I had high level migraines for years and they are a nightmare. Sending you prayers.

Thanks for your sweet comment to me on the blogging changes. Think I am okay now....just went through a rough patch for a while. Wish I wasn't so sensitive. Yikes!

So appreciate your friendship!!!

Barb ♥

Jerri said...

I hang clothes out all summer until I see my first snake. Then I go running into the house and use the dryer for the rest of the summer. Oliver looks like he is having a lot of fun......I think I am jealous.


Anonymous said...

I do have a retractable clothesline for all the things that cannot be put in the dryer!! Love it!

Susie Q said...

Oliver is beautiful!!!

LemonyRenee' said...

Hi Becky -- It was so nice to meet you on Saturday. Thanks, so much, for the wonderful candle!

I love to hang laundry out. I even hang it out in winter, provided it's dry enough.

I have such a nice set up. The backdoor is my my laundry room. Open that door and I have a laundry line on a pulley right outside that door. I can stand inside and hang all my laundry out, without ever stepping foot outside.

I have to lay off the bedding and my son's things in spring, though, because of his pollen allergies.

Good topic.