Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last evening four of us went to
a Graduation Planning Meeting.
We got Caps and Gowns!!!
For the grads...not all of us!

One of us went to Kennett
Square for a class at
Longwood Gardens.

If you have read here for a while
you know that Mikey is the one who
took the class.

The subject?


Do you know what that is?

Mikey didn't!

It was so funny when we got home.
He said, "Did you know that vermi
means worm?"
To be honest, I didn't.
Hadn't even thought about it.

So, guess what we are going to
be getting...

A pound of worms.
About a hundred, so he says.
They are included in the
tuition price. It would be
a real shame not to get his
money's worth.

Warren suggested that Mikey
head on outside last night and
gather up the night crawlers that
were everywhere on that rainy evening.
Turns out night crawlers are generally
useless for this purpose.
I remember many an evening when my
Grandfather would go out flashlight in
hand to gather up night crawlers for a
fishing expedition the next day.
I guess when you don't have a television
this seems like a great adventure...
Oh for those simple days.
But that is a whole other subject!

Back to Mikey,
he came home with a worm
environment that is just waiting
for the little critters.

We are going to be getting excited
when we get worm castings!
Did you know how valuable these are??
Our soil will be getting enriched
while Mikey learns a valuable new
skill that can be put to use in his
landscaping business one day.

Last evening we were thrilled when
Bandit left a "casting" outside.
Don't think hers are worth much...

New project.
New vocabulary.

Interesting stuff.
I like it when the kids
learn good things and bring the
information home!



Carol said...

I've heard of worm farmers who sell to people in need of the little wigglers.

Cute bunny!


detweilermom said...

Our cat elena has been leaving her castings all over the place. Looks like we need to make a visit to the vet. Sigh. Sounds like a real learning experience for everyone

Vee said...

Remember to tell us how it's going. I know some folks keep worms in the basement. This vermi business gives new meaning to vermicelli now, doesn't it?! :D

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! I love the "castings" part. Tells you where my mind went directly this morning. And Vee's comment left me getting choked up on my coffee. You two are a hoot this morning!

Mrs.Rabe said...

These little babies are great for the soil!

Kelly said...

I was unfamiliar with the term "vermi composting" until I read this post, but recently in my Lasagna Gardening reading, I did learn that regular earthworms are wonderful for enriching soil.

Have fun with your worms!

Miss Paula said...

Ew!! I like the orange tulips better!

JD said...

Your post brought back some memories for me. When I was at 12 or so I would go with my cousin and help him find night crawlers for his fishing. It was NOT one of my favorite things to do (find bait for his fishing) but I enjoyed being with my cousin...so I would tag along...

violetlady said...

I understand the value of worms for many things, but they totally gross me out -- even the thought of stepping on one at night when it has rained freaks me out. I am 64 years old -- you would think I would have gotten over it by now! lol