Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Interrupted...

Over the past couple of days I have been
reading what the Professional
Bloggers have to say about the proper
and financially prudent way to manage
a blog.

Turns out this blog is a failure.


I didn't have a clue.

Let me just remind you of my history
since some of you are new to
Hospitality Lane.
Back in September of 2007 I took
the plunge after a few months of
reading the blog of a
close real-life friend.
Deanna writes at Creekside Cottage
under the name, Mrs. Rabe.

My thoughts on writing a blog were very simple.
I would write encouraging posts about daily
life, homeschooling, homemaking, entertaining
and basic finances.

It would also be a wonderful way to keep a
journal for myself, I thought.

Oh, this was fun.

The feedback from friends, old and new,
was the stuff good days were made of.

The idea of writing about finance went
by the wayside pretty quickly. Since I
am a financial professional there are many,
many rules and regulations. Even writing
semi-anonymously I felt unsure about how
far I dared to go.
And then there was the
tension I felt as the economy went south.
Trying to encourage and express the general
optimism I truly felt, and still feel,
didn't go over well for those who were
still struggling to find work.
Sometimes seeing a big picture
is offensive to those whose real life
tells a different tale.
I get that
and I am sorry.
So...the financial advice remains limited.
As it should be, I think.

My political views definitely sneak in.
I have very seriously considered writing
a blog just on this topic. So many days
I just have to practically sit on my fingers
to avoid writing about some situation that
is bringing a post to mind.
Maybe...just day.
I am amazed to know that there are those of you
who totally disagree with me, and yet you
come to read anyway.

Where am I failing, you may ask?
The list is long...but here's the short version.

According to this article if I hope
to make money here I need to be more
focused. I need to be an expert in
something and I need to self promote
like crazy.

Never been so good at that.

Do you wonder why I don't post
more often about the candles?
I am afraid you'll think that I am
trying to sell them to you.
I would never want to
trade your
reading and spending
time here for a sale.
Nonetheless, candles are a passion.
I could easily write a blog just
about that.
But, so far, that isn't
happening either.

Things are a bit tight financially at
our place these days.
I just had to know...
should I try to monetize the blog?

My research says...not yet...
and probably not this blog.

I don't want the pressure.

This blog is not work to me.
You are fun!

Maybe if I go for the political blog...
or a candle maker's space on the web.
I could consider doing something like that
for money. Money is not a bad thing!

But not here.

So...I truly hope that Hospitality Lane
continues to grow, as that may mean
I am putting something out there of value,
but I will not be fishing for
new readers to boost
ad value.

Just so you know,
I admire those who are successfully making
income with your blogs.
Totally admire you.
I'm just not ready to go there... yet.

Back to regular programming!
Whatever that may be.
You'll know as soon as I know.

Any suggestions for your favorite
topics are welcome.
Why do you stop here?

Is it stories about our daily life,
photos of pretty gardens, devotionals
or something else?


Nadine said...

Hello Becky,

Thank you for coming by to visit my blog! I have really enjoyed my visit here to your blog and shall be back with my cup of tea in hand!

A lovely blog you have!


Anonymous said...

Ah, don't listen to them Becky! Just keep doing what you're doing!

joybuzz said...

I like your blog and visit often. I basically just write what I want on my blog. Probably about things my husband would not enjoy talking about with me:) I get nuts from so many ads on peoples blogs lately. I know when our ladies blog group meets we all say the more photos we put on the blog the more people like to come back. Personally I am going to cut down on the amount of words and try to post more photos. My son was at LW gardens on Easter and sent me some amazing photos. Lucky you to go so often and thanks for sharing your photos. It truly is a piece of heaven on earth! Have a fun weekend and relax your neck:)

Tracy said...

We love you just the way you are. Don't change. I tend to avoid blogs who try to get income off them. This is a fun thing for me.

Tracy said...

My blog is a failure, too. I don't care, I like it the way it is.

jAne said...

*blog failures* unite! I'm on that list as well. eye rollage. Like one of the Tracy comments, I tend to stay away from 'money making blogs' and zone in on those blogs where heart endures. there's a difference. your blog is in that zone. :o)

jAne *

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Becky Sweetie...
Don't believe everything you read. You have a lovely blog, and I love to come and read. I love seeing what you are up to. Who cares what the books say?

I just write what I want and love decorating my blog home the way I want. I don't worry about what others think. If you want to sell some candles lots of ladies have Etsy shops, why not you? You have a talent girl, go for it. It wouldn't stop me from coming here. I will still be visiting no matter what. Don't give up on a passion before you even get it started.
Reach for the stars Sister.

Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Hope the weather is as nice where you are, as it is here. It has been in the upper 80's in the valley. Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry

Anonymous said...

I had google ads on my blog for a few months. I decided to remove the ads because making money was not the purpose of my blog. I started writing a blog for me. I still write my blog for me. I never expected to receive money for writing my blog. My blog was commissioned by me and only me. When people visit my blog and tell me that they enjoy what I write and the photographs that I post, I look at that as one of life's bonuses. Now, having said this, if I were approached by someone who asked me to write a blog and receive monetary compensation for doing so, I might jump at the opportunity. I say "might" because I would have to consider how I would feel about HAVING to write on a regular basis. I write my blog when and if I feel like writing it. This comment turned out to be longer than expected. I hope what I had to say makes sense!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Sweet Becky, Your post has certainly touched my heart.

What is the definition of success....I would certainly think it is a relative sort of thing, wouldn't you? Your blog has been one of my favorites from the very beginning and continues to be...because you are 'real.'

I have seen few things in my lifetime change as fast as the blogging world has since I started in January 2009. seems to be all about the dollar sign and so many blogs are becoming little more than 'ad markets.' I thought it was about sharing.

Please continue to do what you are doing.....I think you are more than successful at it.

Blessings, Barb ♥

Elena said...

Your blog is wonderful. It lives up to its name by making people feel welcome! Blessings to you today! Elena

detweilermom said...

Just keep things the way they are Becky. You are always a breath of fresh air to my day.

Vee said...

Becky, you scared me! Was that nice? Ha! Yes, I've been reading some similar stuff. I've been in a decline ever since. You've handled it ever so much better. I've also decided not to go the advertising route. Not ever. I'd definitely have to have a different blog and oh how I relate to the political thing. It's all I can do to keep my mouth shut. And then I don't. Sigh.

Freda said...

Becky we read your blog because your heart comes through your words and we love your is a kind and caring heart. Your love of photography shows in the fab pictures you post like your current header. We try so hard not to promote but share and often it is about our products because we spend so much time in that arena and make such goofy messes or truly love something we have made and want to share it with others.
Politics well it is like religion everyone is unique and entitled to their belief system in all arenas so hopefully blogland will never become an arena for anything but friends sharing with friends. We so enjoy your Hospitality Lane.

Gayla said...

Don't you dare change a thing!!!! I love your blog!

Sandra said...

Hi Becky. I wouldn't change a think on your beautiful blog. I love visiting your blog There are blogs that are so full of ads that it becomes too much to read. You keep doing what your doing.:)

JD said...

I love your blog, and so enjoy seeing all your beautiful photography...Your love of Life and your family really comes through to me and is such an inspiration. I don't consider that a "failure" at all. Some would consider my blog a failure too, but since I started it just to post some crafts...never thought anyone else would want to read it...(and many have surprised me by actually reading it...I'm not a writer at all) so If's it's just something I enjoy and hopefully others do too. What is wrong with that?

Melissa G. said...

Hi Becky,
Yeah, reading how blogs "should" be run stresses me out too! It's different for us i think because we didn't start our blogs to make money or promote ourselves. We started them to keep a journal for ourselves and keep in touch our real life friends. The new bloggy friends were an unexpected bonus. So as long as you are enjoying writing your blog and it's something that makes you happy i don't think you need to change one thing!
And I don't think anyone would mind if you wrote about your candles more. It's interesting and a part of your life so feel free to share it with us! Mother's Day is coming up and your candles would make great mother's day gifts! =)

Elllen said...

Can I just say "FREE" morning cup of coffee

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky,

I think you know just how much I love your beautiful blog. Please do not change a thing my friend. Our blogs solely belong to the author of that blog and not anyone else.

As to a failure blog, can anyone really define my own personal blog....I think not! I like you are not in it for the ratings but simply to inspire, share and so much more. The photos on my side bar are samples of what I love and are quite proud of, an extension of myself.

By the way I would love to hear you share more about your candle making. Our creative side is a part of who we are, and it would be a sad place for me if I could not share it with others. You never know just how many lovely women you inspire to try candle making just by seeing the lovely photos on your side bar.:o)

Yours in one of loveliest blogs in blogland, I heart it for sure.:o)