Friday, April 16, 2010

Shared Humor

There is no better laughter than that of a family
enjoying each others company.
On Tuesday evening we grabbed both
Mom and Georgia and headed to Panera Bread
for some treats.

On the way home we got to talking about
squirrels. There are many of these
cute, if pesky, critters around our yards.

I was recounting the time a squirrel had fallen
onto his pudgy back right beside me.
I do mean, right beside me.
His little face looked shocked before
he flipped from his back to his scrambling legs
and skedaddled as far away as he could go.

Mom said, "Did it fall from a tree?"

For some reason this just slayed all of us.
The picture is what our entire back yard looks like.

We were all on the same page, except Mom,
who was picturing this in our nearly
treeless front yard.

Jonathan wondered if she thought
someone was launching squirrels...
or that it was raining squirrels from the sky.
Silly boy.

She is such a good sport and did
laugh along with us.

What does Mom love to do?

Watch those furry beasts try to
get into her squirrel proof bird feeders.
She says it can be better than television...
if you can imagine that!
And she looks so innocent.

Why the entire conversation got
its start because she bought another
squirrel know,
bird feeder.
The kind that when Mr. Squirrel
steps up and prepares to eat his weight closes
the little food windows right tight.

Please don't worry about the squirrels
starving to death. We have the healthiest,
fattest, happiest squirrels in our neighborhood!
They must have stashes of the corn from the field
across the street as it keeps appearing in our yards.

But as for laughter,
it is always the little things that
get us going...but we enjoy them
oh, so much!

What a blessing to share time with
those we love.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Becky,
I enjoyed your post; the photo of the trees and the topic of your story were all very entertaining! I love little squirrels myself but I must confess I do get somewhat annoyed when they pig out on the finches' seed! Have a beautiful weekend.


Vee said...

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that get us laughing. Glad that your mom is a good sport and knows how to roll with moment. We laugh at "our" squirrels all the time, but now that I've taken to filling their holes with used kitty litter (tmi?) they're probably not as amused.

Elena said...

Very cute! This post made me smile as we have many squirrel and chipmunk stories in our family too.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone has a funny squirrel story. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy watching squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits play in my yard.

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness that squirrel story is HILARIOUS, Becky... hahaha... That sounds like something from an animated film or something! Do hope the poor thing was OK! Thanks for the laughs. :o) Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))

Autumn said...

We had a squirrel come in through our chimney once. (at our old house!) It ended up in our basement!

Karen said...

Your mom is right-those squirrel-proof bird feeders do provide a lot of entertainment. We laugh out loud at the circus-like performances our squirrels give trying to get to the ever elusive bird seed.

Loved Jonathan's comments about someone launching them...that got me giggling.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh we had all kinds of shared humor in the van today!

Love your Mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey no Panera Bread with me? What's up with that!