Friday, April 23, 2010

Cool Family Stuff....

Today I was needed.

To iron the white shirt for Mikey's Tux.
To help him button the hardest of many buttons.
To tell him how very awesome he looked.

To take pictures.
No...he didn't ask for that!

Tonight we are Waiting.

For Mikey to come home from his big evening.
Warren, Jonathan, Chelsea and I.
Sitting in the living room.
Listening to Mark Schultz...loudly.
I have just cut Warren's hair.
He looks GOOD!

Occasionally Chelsea and Jonathan have had to dance.
I try not to watch them directly.
They get too self conscious.
They are so very funny.

I love my family!

It is good to be needed.
It is good to be together.

I am so tired.
Sleep would be great.
But I hate to be the first one to leave the room.
So I'll stay.

We are together!

Enjoying time.

Chelsea is yawning....and leaving the room.
Muttering something about getting ready for bed.

Warren leaves the room to retrieve
a drink from the kitchen.

So soon the moment is past.

It was good to have experienced it though.

Do you notice those special moments?
I wish many of them for you and yours!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

He looks so handsome! My older two boys are both graduating from college. Ryan will have a degree in Christian Studies and Randy will have a degree in English. They homeschooled through high school, and then got their A.A.'s from our local junior college. They were one year apart during school, but finished the JC at the same time and went on together at the same Christian college. It's nice to have 2 get this far, but I still have 4 more to go :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh but I came back. Heh heh heh, no more should be said :o)


Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, B ~ I love Longwood Gardens ... your pics are fabulous. I know you all had a wonderful time there.

This week has been such a momentous time in my life, meeting all you lovely ladies. And, now with a THUD the end has come ... Sherry is gone ... sniff.

Hope to see more of you as time goes along, sweet friend.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Mikey is sooooooo handsome!

Hugs, Marydon

Vee said...

What a wonderful post! I enjoyed it. Yes, I find myself often actually, audibly telling myself to enjoy this moment. And I find myself thinking "It will be an ordinary day like today when______." I'm weird! Glad you're a little weird, too. :D Of course, you must fill us in on the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

Mikey is a handsome young man. I have a photo-taking suggestion for you. This suggestion has been made to me numerous times, and I keep forgetting! I like the first picture of Mikey very much. It would have been a better picture if Mikey had stood a little farther from the tree. Standing so close to the tree makes the branches seem as though they are coming out of his head. I wish when I was taking portraits that the suggestion I am giving to you would suddenly appear in front of me so that I would remember!

Jerri said...

I just had one of those moments last night while I was watching the NFL draft with my son. I didn't have a clue to what was going on, but Casey seemed so happy to have me watching it with him I stayed and nodded and cheered at all the correct times. Ahh......this is what mothers yearn for....Mikey looked very, very handsome.......


LV said...

How nice it is when mother and son have a wonderful relationship. Glad things are going well with your handsome son.

Biology 1 said...

Becky, What a handsome young man. Don't you love a man in a tux?

Thank you for your kind note. Yes, I would be so very interested in meeting other bloggers from our area! I know one other who lives near Reading.

Please let me know when you are meeting, and thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Where in Lancaster do you live? I live in Willow Street.