Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Your Neck "Squishy"?

You see, I wear all of my
stress in my neck.

Last week was a
stressful week.

Now, it was Monday.
Easter was past.
We had returned from Longwood
Gardens and a very nice meal at
Applebees just an hour or so before.

I was in the hammock.
Warren in the lawn chair beside me.
We were chatting away....

Chelsea joined us to attempt to
stir us into going and doing something.
After all we had been home a whole hour
without a plan for the next hour!

It was so very pleasant right where we
were and neither Warren or I felt the need
to invent a new activity to make the day more
enjoyable. Sometimes just sitting is good.

Warren decided to take this time to make
an example of what not to do by using me.

He informed Chelsea that Mommy doesn't know
how to relax and is trying to learn so that
she can not have a stiff neck. You see, he
pointed out, Chelsea did not want to grow
up to have all of the health issues and pain
that her "poor mother" deals with.


Well, didn't that little stinker put her hand
up to her neck and say,

"My neck is Squishy.
I am not stressed!
Feel it!"

She thought this would get us to move.
To go somewhere....anywhere!
She was wrong.
All we could do was laugh!
And laugh some more. question to you is,
How is your neck?

Is it squishy like Chelsea?

Or is it tight like her non-relaxed,
over achieving, unhealthy mother?

Good Grief!

With help like that I may never relax!

Too funny!

My family....perhaps there is
another explanation for
the stiff neck...


Vickie said...

Well, Becky, I guess you could say my neck is BOTH! It's stiff and stressed in the back, and in the front, it's getting squishy indeed!! haha!

Why is it our kids think we gotta be doing something 24-7? My daughter is always bugging me to DO something. She thinks her dad and I are so boring! Rest is GOOD.

Self Sagacity said...

Hi Becky, My neck is always stiff! LOL. Always stressed. What a great post!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Tracy said...

Oh, that is funny! Squishy... I never heard that to describe a neck before! When I'm stressed I feel in it mostly in my back--very painful, very still--and depending on the level of stress I feel it all the way from neck to tail bone! So I try not to get stressed...not always easy... LOL! Hope you feeling more squishy, not stiff, Becky ;o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS)))

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, yes, I take my stress in my neck. Yikes. I work hard but also play hard and relax that possible? Ha.

Love your sweet post!

Hugs, Barb

Emily said...

HA HA HA! Chelsea is SO funny!

Tracy said...

To cute!

Vee said...

This made me laugh because I am like you, but my neck is like Chelsea's. Not a good combination! Ha!

LV said...

My neck is not my problem. You need to really try hard to find a way to relax. It is not good to let stress affect you like this.

Elena said...

Very cute! This put a smile on my face:)

Martie said...

Thanks for the laugh. Happy Relaxing!

Terri and Bob said...

Stiff neck here, too!

She'sSewPretty said...

I don't think my neck is squishy...but it's getting there. I know a trip to those gardens would definitely help the neck muscles loosen up. What a gorgeous place!

Freda said...

You also have the wonderful ability to make me laugh...yes I have a stiff neck and Deb rubbed it yesterday for me...Robert did her's.