Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Marydon Throws a Party...

...and you are invited,
you should definitely

Some time ago, I received
a comment or an email stating
that there was going to be a
Blog Meet to celebrate Sherry's
Birthday and visit to our coast.

Sherry writes Country Wings in Phoenix. I began following
Sherry as her niece was fighting a
desperate battle with cancer. Through
this time I grew to love Sherry's heart
and attitude. It seems that while we
had never met in person, praying with
and for someone creates a bond.

So, when Marydon, of Blushing Rose, said that Sherry
was coming, I purposed to go and
meet her.

Warren, being the awesome husband that
he is waited and watched this develop
and told me on the way down that he knew
he would end up taking me....

I admitted that I would not have wanted
to go alone. He knew that. Bless his heart.

I am so glad he drove. We set the GPS
to avoid the highways and wandered through
the most gorgeous countryside.
Only vanity kept me from rolling down the
window to take about a million photos.
But, I had visions of all of the hairspray
getting blown out of my hair...sigh.

So you'll just have to take my word for how
stunning the trees, horse farms and rolling
hills were.

Turns out, after I saw the pictures from the
day it probably wouldn't have mattered.
Windblown would likely have been
an improvement.
Hence, if you want to see any photos of
me you'll have to find them on one of the linked
blogs from this day.

O.k. just let me say right up front that time
flew. Our meeting time was 12:30. We were to
have lunch together at The Mt. Airy Tavern and
then everyone was to go back to Harold and Marydon's
for dessert and more time to chat.

Since Saturday is our "get ready for Sunday day"...
(did you follow that?)
there is so much to do on Saturday!
It was a two hour drive to Mt. Airy
so we decided we could only spare
the six or so hours that it took to drive there, enjoy
lunch and come home.
Thus, we didn't get to go back to the Ford's home.
I arranged for Warren to pick me up at 2pm.
He spent time on his laptop in a Dunkin Donuts
with a yummy cup o' coffee.
Isn't that love and devotion?
Kudos to Warren!

We were still eating lunch at 2pm.

This was after meeting everyone,
exchanging gifts with our hostess and
the birthday girl.

Several of us ordered a most fantastic
Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad.
I have been thinking about that salad.
I must make it.
It was truly wonderful.

Marydon had informed us early on
that lunch was going to be her treat.
Amazing, that woman.
I love her.
She is so no nonsense.
You would never have to guess what she
is thinking. Don't you feel so much
better around ladies like that?
No cattiness, no games.
That is the stuff best friends
are made of.

I was blessed to sit beside her
wonderful husband, Harold.
What a treat.
So kind and gentle.
A real gentleman.

To my right was a genuine author.
Kelly Harmon has written and published
a novel called Blood Soup.
To be honest, with that title I probably
would have passed the book by, but after
meeting Kelly I find that I am now very interested
in reading it.
I am planning to download it online.
It is less expensive for me and
Kelly actually makes more money that way.
Hmmm...who knew?

There was very interesting discussion about the
publishing field and how it works.
I was listening very closely.
Jonathan is writing
a book you know!

Across the table from me was a darling Southern
Lady. Andrea authors Arise 2 Write as well as
two other blogs. Her passions are prayer, devotionals
and pets. She and her husband have therapy dogs that
have an amazing ministry to the mentally handicapped.
Andrea and Doug had come
all the way from

Carol (Buttercup Counts her Blessings)
stole my heart straight away as
she reminds me of another dear friend
from New York. I am definitely going
to be a follower of her blog as I am
intrigued by city dwellers. Being a
country girl I don't get the whole
city life thing...but told Warren we should
do it for a year when he retires. Just to
see what we have been missing.
I don't think he is going for it.

The other ladies were just too far
away for me to really get to know
but they appeared to be very lovely.

There was Bunny, from The Paris House, Jill from Of Lemons and Honey,
and of course Marydon and Sherry.

When Marydon and Harold arrived they
brought the most delightful flower
arrangements for the table.

I had to snap a couple of pictures.
You know I did...here is one.

Thank you, to everyone who made this
a wonderful experience.

From left to right - Front Row: Sherry and Carol
Back Row: Andrea, Marydon, Bunny and Kelly. This was taken before Jill arrived...bummer!

I hope to get
to know all of you better through your
web spaces.

And most of all....A HUGE THANK YOU
to Harold and Marydon for your amazing
generosity and loving hearts!

You are a wonderful part of
the blogging community!


Vee said...

One statement sums up your meet: "We were still eating lunch at 2pm." That's so cool! I enjoyed reading about the time you spent together and how fun to talk with an author so that you could share the info with Jonathan.

Your drive sounds wonderful, but does Warren not stop for photo taking? :D

Carol said...

I'm so glad to hear you had such a good time meeting some blogland friends. So nice of Warren to drive you!

I met some blogland friends in person on Saturday. Wonderful fellowship. I'll be posting about it on Friday.

Hope there's sunshine in your neck of the woods today!!


Brittany Ann said...

What a fun, fun gathering!

Andrea said...

It was indeed a blessed day and I am thankful for the opportunity to meet you. What a blessing to be able to eat across from you. It is amazing how far reaching the blog world has become.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Elena said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, so good to see your wonderful pictures. So glad you all have such a nice time.

Your blog is looking great!!

Barb ♥

Jerri said...

What a nice opportunity to take part in this. Your husband was a sweety to drive you too!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all had a lovely time. It is good that you were able to meet some of your blogging friends.

bunny, The Paris House said...

Hi!! It was so great meeting you over the weekend. It was a day I will never forget. I love your blog and will stop by often to visit.

Tracy said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Buttercup said...

What a treat reliving our wonderful day! I've been thinking about the weekend and feeling so blessed for the company and new friends. I am so sorry I didn't get to meet Warren. Next time! Take good care and hugs to you!

P.S. We are a cute bunch, aren't we?