Friday, April 16, 2010

Bleeding Hearts...and More Spring Treats

Tomorrow Warren and I will go to
Maryland to meet some ladies whom
I know only through their blog words
and pictures.

I am leaving you with some photos taken in
our yard and next door at Georgia's garden.

One just has to love this
bleeding heart.

Spring brings so many great
color combinations.

This is the bush just outside
our door. Each Spring it surprises
me with these little puffs.

Enjoy your day!

I can't wait to show you photos
of the Blog Meet and the Boys' Formal.
It was this evening and you won't
believe the handsomeness that left
this house!

But for now I am beat.
Hope Mikey gets home soon so I can
get some sleep!



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day at the Blog Meet!

Vee said...

Beautiful spring photos! Have great fun today with your cyber pals about to become real pals!

Terri and Bob said...

I am in love with bleeding hearts. I can't wait to see photos of your weekend events. How fun!

Carol said...

How great that you're going to meet some blogland friends today! Me too! My DIL & I are meeting two sweet ladies who are traveling about 1 1/2 hours to have lunch with us. Maybe some day you & I can visit each other! Enjoy your day!


Brittany Ann said...

Hope you have so much fun and fellowship with your new blog friends!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!!! Love the pink ones!

Jerri said...

Bleeding hearts are my sister's favorite flowers. From your photo, for the very first time, I was actually able to see the heart. Great photos..


Mrs.Rabe said...

I saw plants just like yours with the puffs today at the creation museum, while we were walking in the Botanical Gardens.

Can't wait to see photos of the boys!

Elena said...

Beautiful pictures of the bleeding heart. My mom had several bushes and I always loved them as a child.

Jacquelynne said...

Beautiful photos. I'm so happy it's spring!