Friday, March 5, 2010

I Love Joseph!

My husband knows.
He is happy about it.

There was an employee premiere of Sight and Sound
newest show, Joseph. (Click on the links
to see more about
the theater and the show)

To know why this is so special you would have to
know that Sight and Sound employees and their families
live with each new show for at least three years before
the public gets to see a thing.

For the past three years when Warren and I would
escape for dinner together I would gladly listen
as Warren brainstormed ideas for technical effects
that were needed. Oh, how I love this!

Watching his creative brain at work.
That is a very good thing.

So, as the show unfolded last evening I nearly
burst with happiness for him as the most
challenging of projects worked perfectly
and looked simple.

While the show has a lot of technical
aspects the beauty of the sets takes
your breath away. Again, wishing we
could have taken pictures....

And beyond that...

It is the story!

So beautifully told and brought to life by
a cast that is talented beyond belief.

Joshua Keefer, who plays Joseph, is amazing.
I cannot say enough!
His voice is so pleasant to listen to.
No oversinging, or overacting.
He is so amazingly consistent in this
role. I realized when the show was
over that he had been on the stage for
most of the two hours that the show runs.

The men who play his brothers are also
very talented singers.
There are several group songs
that are so technically awesome that you
cannot believe they are in a play.

One song literally brought me to tears with its
beauty. I am not going to tell you which.
You'll have to see the show and then we'll
compare notes.

So, now all of you across the country.
Your assignment is to schedule your 2010
or 2011 vacation for Lancaster County, PA.
You must let me know if you are coming!

This is something that you really would enjoy!

With its setting in Egypt there were several
opportunities to bring out the camels.
Yes, real camels.

There are many animals in this drama.
There is humor in this drama.
In the most unexpected places
you find yourself in a full belly laugh.

I must stop.
But, I am in love!
With Joseph.
His story of God's Providential Care,
Forgiveness and Love.

I am smitten!

Understand that I have seen all of
Sight and Sound's shows since the
early 1990's. I am not speaking
lightly. This is an amazing show
that I cannot wait to see again!

If you want to see here for a video of the writers and directors. Toward the end you get a sneak peek at some of the sets in process.

Now, for a bit more about our evening.

Our silly boys opted not to go last
evening. They said they would wait
and go later....

So we had two tickets to share.

Chelsea was able to invite two of her
very dear friends, Lindsay and Emily know, of Creekside Cottage.
Their names are links that will take you
to each of their blogs. Their mother
writes beautifully at the
Creekside Cottage Blog.

They had just a bit of fun in the lobby.
Lindsay took these shots.

I also asked Lindsay to get a picture of the
hanging centerpiece in the lobby area.

I took this one of a gorgeous display.

I was tempted to take photos in the
restrooms as they are so pretty...
but the nerve escaped me.

Just driving up to this building is an
experience. Being inside is like stepping
into another world.

As we were headed to the car there was just
one more opportunity for pictures.

Aren't they precious?

Now, I had to get gas.
As I pumped the stinky
liquid into the van the
girls asked permission to
go and get pictures with

The interesting thing about this was that
as they were playing around a worker at the store
came out and locked the door to the store.
We knew it wasn't closing time so we weren't
sure what was up...but we decided to go ahead
and leave.

After I got home I popped on to the internet
and found out that there had been two armed
robberies in that area while we had been at
the theater. Oh my. And there I was with these
girls, just playing.
Thank God, for His hand
of protection on us.

Finally, I want to share my very favorite photo
from the evening. You see, before showtime
we were permitted to take a behind the scenes
tour with Warren as our guide. This post is
so long already I'll just say that it killed
me to not take photos from the stage or shops. his office I took this one of him
and Chelsea. I love their expressions.

AND... I am tempted to steal that
picture back to go over the Entertainment
Center....It has been in our home, at our church
and now in his office.

Warren rescued it from the trash one day.
It has been with us ever since.

So anyway, enough about that...
suffice it to say that
last evening will go down in my
memory as a very bright spot.

Praying that God uses this drama
about a true man of God to reach and
encourage many around the world.

Maybe even YOU!!


Anonymous said...

If we ever make it back to the Lancaster area, Joseph is something I would definitely want to see. Friends were there over the Christmas holiday and raved about the Sight and Sound theater.

SmilingSally said...

I saw Donny Osmond perform Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat when I lived in South Florida; it was amazing. I loved every minute of it.

Tracy said...

Is is like Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat? I saw that years ago and loved it!

I LOVE the photo of the girls "holding up" the DD cup.

And Warren's picture? I'd be snagging it for the house, too. Good for him for saving it from the trash.

detweilermom said...

Hannah was just commenting the other day as we drove past the theater that she really wanted to see Joseph. After hearing your wonderful review and seeing the previews when we went I will have to be sure to make a time for us to go see it.

Mrs.Rabe said...

The girls had such an awesome time! Lindsay's photos of the girls last night are hilarious! Her angles of the girls with the DD cups make it look as if they are really drinking out of it!

Thank you for taking them...what a blessing their friendship with Chelsea is to them! They have such fun!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Also, the girls loved the show too! They raved about the sets! Can't wait to go see it!

Carol said...

I would love to see Joseph, maybe it will be in Brnason in the future!

Elena said...

Oh wow, that sounds like such an awesome play. I love the story of Joseph and we love plays. Really cute pictures with the girls too:)

Anonymous said...

I. Love. That. Show.
Lindsay and Emma are definitely right about the sets... amazing!!!
And of course, taking goofy pictures is always fun!


Vee said...

You make it sound so wonderful that I wish that I were planning a trip to your corner. I think it's wonderful when beautiful, very well done productions teach the Word. I love Joseph, too, but always find his story scary. God expects a great deal sometimes.

You're a good mama to let the gals have some fun.

Emily said...

Thanks again for taking Lindsay and I with you! It was SO much fun going 'behind' the scenes! And that has to be my favorite show (out of the ones I remember seeing):-)

I will have Linny post some of the pics she took of us 'drinking' the coffee:o) See you later!

JD said...

This is all sounds so wonderful, I am so happy that all went well and every one had a great time...We will get to see it some day...Hopefully, While you were at Joseph...we were still packing up My Mother's things, we have only one more week to get everything out of her apartment and there is still so much to do.
Thank you Becky for sharing, and for all of your kindness...Blessings, Jill

Karen said...

I'm so glad it went well. It must be so gratifying for Warren to see it come together.

Looks like you all had a marvelous time!

(I love the picture in Warren's office, too.)

Gayla said...

What a great post! That looks amazing. I think those pics from Dunkin Doughnuts could be ad promos. How scary about the burglaries. Glad you are all okay!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this show is great!

I remember when Ryan auditioned for the Joseph in Hollywood! That was fun!

I loved studying about Joseph in the Patriarch's Bible Study!!