Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unexpected Day

I woke this morning hoping
that the kids would choose
Longwood Gardens over bowling.

It was supposed to be the last
great day before rain for the
rest of the week.

Unfortunately, for me,
they preferred to see
their friends at bowling.

So I resigned myself to spending the
afternoon inside the bowling alley.
Now, I have great friends at the
bowling alley too...but they would
not have begrudged this girl a sunny
afternoon. I just know it!

Then the phone rang.

It was my friend M.

She said she was headed my way.
Life was really tough right now.

When I asked what was up she said
she would tell me when she arrived.
It would be too hard to tell while

So I spent some minutes searching my
brain for what horrible thing would
send her to me in such a state
when she should be at her job.

Then it hit me!
As I was quickly dressing.

Her 19 year old kitty.

Sure enough...M. had just been
at the vet having Gypsy put to

Oh...the heartbreak.

M. is single.
Gypsy was so very special.
They had been best friends for
all but nine months
of those nineteen years.

After talking for a while
I mentioned Longwood Gardens.

M. said..."Let's go!"

Quick consultation with the kids
settled that they would head to
bowling while M. and I headed to
an afternoon in the gardens.

Such mixed feelings about today.
I am so sad for M.
But I really enjoyed spending time with
her and perusing the beauty offered at

This evening we had two unexpected
young men for dinner
and as overnight guests.
They are friends of the boys.
Good kids.

As I type I hear them talking
and playing games downstairs.

It is a very good sound.

Today our home lived up to its name.
Hospitality Lane.
This is something that brings me
joy from the inside out.

Knowing that this is a place that
offers comfort and shelter.
A place where friends can
just be themselves.

That brings joy.

That it happens unexpectedly
is really God's gift.
If I had known these things were
going to happen today I would have
prepared....I would have felt ready
in my own strength.

In His own way God allowed me to
lean on Him for the words to say.

He prepared me in advance with the
desire to go to the most perfect place
to wander and talk.
To be distracted...just enough.

(We thought this looked like
a laughing face. Do you see it?)

Having had to put our dog, Kimmy, to sleep
so recently I connected with M's pain.
Yet another preparation.

I'll never believe that anything
"just happens". We may not always see how
these things fit together,
but they surely do.

Sometimes we get to "see" it.

Hope you are looking for "planned"
in the "unexpected" events of your life.


Gayla said...

You were indeed, a loving friend and Mom... I am glad you were able to help your friend. Losing a pet is devastating.... And oh, how I love the sound of boys having fun in my house... I live for it!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I must go to Longwood! Haven't been in forever! I think it might be fun to go alone sometime - time to wander and think. To sit and read...

SmilingSally said...

I too, have had to put a well loved four-legged member of the family to sleep, and it IS heartbreaking. Some do not comprehend the pain, so I'm happy for M that you were available.

Karen said...

What a blessing that your friend had your shoulder to cry on.

I see the laughing face, now that you mention it, but my initial reaction was that the flower looks like a ballet slipper with ribbons tied at the top.

Thanks for the gorgeous flower pictures. I needed some spring blooms today!

Tracy said...

It's so wonderful to be there for friends when they need us. I'm glad you could be that person for M.

Beautiful pictures, too!

And I LOVE have my children's friends in. We did the same thing last night!

Jerri said...

Your friend needed you yesterday and you were there for her....that's what Jesus wants from all of us. Putting a pet to sleep is agonizing and only one who has been through it can understand. God bless you for the wonderful things you do and write.


Vee said...

What a sweet friend you are...it must've been very comforting for your friend to walk in the garden and have the warmth of the sun upon her. You can also give yourself a pat on the back for being a fun and safe place for your kids' friends to enjoy.

Elena said...

It sounds like you a divine appointment day!! The pictures are breath taking. The Lord is so wonderful to create such beautiful things to comfort our hearts!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that M's cat was put to sleep; glad that you were available to comfort her.

Your photographs are beautiful. You certainly are putting the desire in me to make a trip to Longwood Gardens. I wish we lived closer!

Marydon Ford said...

G'day, Becky ~ What a lovely afternoon you, & they, had. I love your capturing everything so beautifully. TY for sharing. More news below ~
This is Marydon ~

G'day, Ladies ...
Sherry will arrive on April 16th so we are planning a luncheon on April 17th in Mt. Airy, MD. After the luncheon (I personally am paying for everyone's lunch) we will come back to my house for a gathering of good times, great chatter & enjoyment. I'd like the gathering of we ladies to be around 12:30PM if it will work for you all. Final details will follow.

I have 2 extra beds & a couch for anyone who needs a stay over ... first come first serve.

We (Mt. Airy) are located just off Rt. 70 half way between Frederick & Baltimore.

I will need to know 2 weeks in advance of your coming for the restaurant reservations I've made. Please let me know ... we are so looking forward to meeting you all.

TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon