Monday, March 15, 2010

My Day as a Tourist

Thanks for all of the sweet
congratulations on our
anniversary. It is amazing
to us that 21 years have gone
by since that March 11, 1989.

Warren surprised me this week
when he asked if I would like to go
to The Fulton Steamboat Inn.

Before we moved here in June of 2000
we had never vacationed in Lancaster
County so we have not experienced
a lot of the things that my readers
love to remember from their own
times here.

Of course, I said it sounded great
to me to step out of the routine
and spend time just focusing on
each other and to have some quiet time.

The weather did not cooperate
so much...but we have it a lot
better than our friends in other
parts of the Country
so I shall not complain.

The story behind such an interesting
themed hotel is that Robert Fulton was born
not far from our home in Southern Lancaster
County. He is credited as one of the
inventors of steamboat technology.

One summer Bev and I sold candles at the Robert
Fulton Birthplace. Loving history as I
do I enjoyed a tour of the property.
If you like history and low key museums
you would probably enjoy this historical site.

I thought it was a gem.
It is a beautiful stone house.
I do not have a photo of it.
That would be another post.

Check for hours.
It is run by volunteers and is
usually only open on the weekends
over the summer.

Anyway, back to the hotel...
It is designed to feel as
if you have stepped onto
a steamboat...down to the ragtime
piano that plays in all of the public
areas. We were thinking that might get
old after a while. But we were impressed
with this hotel. It was pretty, clean
and the staff was efficient.

One of the most common images
that identifies Lancaster County
is this building.

I had never been inside.

You is for the
tourists. Not the locals.

Now I have been inside.
I still feel that way.

However, if you have an
extra $700 you could come and
buy this mantle set.

Out the back door sits:

They play the most non-Amish music
to get your attention.
It is so funny to us.
We did not eat here...
but maybe one day.
It is probably good.

Just feet away you will find
The Outhouse Store...

They try not to take themselves
too seriously.

We enjoyed many laughs here.

If you are looking for a job
they are hiring for a part time
sales position.

I think it said
"Part sales/Part entertainment".

Next door to The Outhouse is King's Kountry Impressions and
King's Victorian. Oh my, I do love these stores.
This was not my first time here. There is a huge
difference in quality from the places mentioned
before. Locals would shop here.

The prices may be generally higher than our usual stomping
ground but the merchandise is worth it.

I wish I had taken photos
of the furniture and wall art
available in the main store.

You would drool.


I love this store!

Now, here is a recommendation
that you'll enjoy if you take me
up on it.

Dienner's Restaurant.

It sits right between Dutch
Haven and The Outhouse.

Very unassuming.

This is where the locals go.

It isn't splashy enough for many
tourists. Not huge but plenty of
authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Food.
The prices are good.
The lunch buffet is something like
$8.95. One thing guaranteed...
you will not leave hungry.

I did not plan to take a picture
of this I put rice on top
of the beef tips in gravy.

But, this is one great place.
We visit it a couple of times
a year. That is when I go to
King's Kountry too.

Next Stop:

The Cackleberry Antique Mall is something
that I have heard about over the years we
have lived here. Some have recommended that
I rent a booth here with our Antique Teacup Candles.
So I was curious.
I found it a fun place to spend time.
Even Warren was fascinated.
But, I would not want a booth here.
I found things to be overpriced and I don't
think that new items would do well.

Would I go back just to look and enjoy?
Yes, I think I would.
It was fun.

This was the first thing
that inspired me to take
a picture. And I love the
print behind it too.

Such a pretty cupboard.

Truly an eclectic mix of

Rolling Pins galore!

When I showed Chelsea this picture
she thought it would be fun to dig into...

Necklaces anyone?

Warren and I enjoyed a good afternoon together.
We were in several little towns and
then at Rockvale Outlets where
I found the lampshade I was looking for.
You'll see it on Thursday on the Living Room

Hope you are having a wonderful day.
Thanks again for your sweet words
about our anniversary.



Joyce said...

What a cute place to stay and Happy Anniversary. Looks like you had a fun time and I love all the photos. It sure is fun to see other places from your area. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

Glad you had a good time. I think we all should become tourist in our own back yards!

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your tourist experience! Great pictures of the fun things you two enjoyed! Makes me want to visit Branson soon.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun!! I am happy to hear!!

Elena said...

It sounds like you had alot of fun being a tourist! I loved all the pictures. My dad was raised Amish in Kansas so am really familiar with their lifestyle.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, happy anniversary!!!! What a wonderful looking place. Did I see roosters?

Barb ♥

Kelly said...

Becky, I'm so sorry I missed your anniversary, but I'm glad you and Warren had a pleasant afternoon.

Duane and I have never been to any of the places you mentioned on this post, but we have driven by the Steamboat many times and I thought about checking it out, but like you, thought it was more for tourists. It is fun, though, to act like a tourist in your own area sometimes to see something you haven't visited before. My mom and I did that one day many years ago, when we just wanted something to do, and we learned quite a bit about the Amish that we hadn't known before that.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you and Warren!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary!

We have been to many of the places you mentioned! I love going to the Cackleberry Farm Antique Mall, we hardly buy anything but its fun to look at ALL that stuff in there:-)

Glad you had a good time being a tourist!

detweilermom said...

I took the kids to the Robert Fulton birthplace several years before we moved down here. We were the only ones to take the tour at the time. I really liked it but when I was driving down i thought we would hit Maryland before we got there! I know where all those places are that you talked about but have never been there. Maybe Hannah and I will have to take a field trip sometime in the future.