Tuesday, March 2, 2010

America The Beautiful!

If you know my political
views you might think that
I would not be especially
Patriotic right now.

Well, you would be WRONG!

I may not approve of 90 percent
of the Democratic agenda, but
America is soooo much more than
Washington DC.

America is...

Wonderful People!

Families working and playing together.

Some of the most gorgeous scenery anywhere in
the world.

Western Photos are Georgia's.

A generous nation, always caring for and
giving to a world suffering from earthquakes,
floods or famine.

A place of limitless opportunity...
For those who are willing to
think outside the box to create
new opportunities
and for those who don't mind working.

Our opportunities for work may
look different...but they are
still there!

Our Country offers freedom
of worship to all.

Sonrise Service - Easter 2009

Baptism - 2010

We have the bravest of military. Always
sacrificing for our country by taking
"trips" around the world to bring Peace.
I thank those families who are currently
impacted and those who have lost loved
ones. Your unselfishness blesses me more
than you will ever know.

Oh, we Americans live in an Amazing Country.

The sight of our flag is a beautiful sight,
indeed. Even, or especially, this tiny flag
planted in a huge snowpile.

I pray that we will not become
complacent and lose these wonderful attributes
of a Republic which will celebrate its 234th
birthday in July.

Are you taking it for granted?

If so...wake up!

Treasure the blessings we have.

Work to preserve them.

O.k., this is me stepping
down from my soapbox!
Have an awesome day!



Diana said...

Enjoyed my first visit here. Great post.

Have a great day and come see me soon.

Anonymous said...

The ocean scene reminds me of Cape May, NJ. We were hoping to go there over the Easter holiday.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I think it is interesting that those who speak badly of the United States are the very countries who expect America to step in and pay for disaster relief around the world...we do it because we are a caring nation not because it is demanded of us!

The online study was great last night, some what basic, but a great starting foundation. She gave me somethings to think about Eve...

Vee said...

You can stay on that soapbox as long as you'd like. I enjoy a good rousing speech especially about love of country. It tickled me to see the Canadians expressing their love of country as if it's not a good thing. Patriotism, properly expressed, is a very good thing in my humble opinion.

Jerri said...

Amen....so true.


Brittany Ann said...

Amen, amen, amen! We are blessed to live in America the Beautiful!

Vickie said...

Very good post, Becky. I'm a proud American and very patriotic myself. Spout away!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky.....how you have lightened my heart this day.

Yes, America is a wonderful country.......wonderful!!!

Thank you for this.

Barb ♥

Elena said...

Yes America is beautiful and blessed in so many ways!