Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living Room Project #5

I wasn't quite sure where I was
going next in this project.
However, a trip to Goodwill
took care of that.

This picture was on the shelf
with a price tag of $4.95.

I looked at it and was taken
first by the colors.

It seemed that if I were to lighten
the frame to the creamy color of the
accent wall it would be a very nice
addition to the "reading nook".

Tracy had noted in my second Project
Post that the round table looked a
little out of place next to the dog

Here is the before:

She was thinking the table
should be next to a comfy chair for
reading. Well, she and I think a lot
alike since that was how it had been
before the crate was set up for Bandit.

Bandit needs the crate less and
less these days so I moved it to the
kitchen. We do put her in it if we are
not at home...
However, she will be just as
content in it in the kitchen as in the
living room. Not very

O.k. so then that brings me
to this point with the living room.

To do:

1. Change out the lampshade to
something less obtrusive.
I am thinking of a cream
color and a smaller scale.
Right now the lightness of
the white stands out way too
much for my taste.
This lamp, however, is one
I picked up at a yard sale
years ago when we lived over
in York County. I loved the
antique look of them....there
are two.

2. Empty the Entertainment Center
of everything that can go.
One thing almost all homeschool
families have in common are tons
of books and notebooks. We tend
to have them handy. This EC is
our handy spot. However, with
graduation in just two months I
am going to slim it down to the
things we will actually use and
will put everything else on our
family room built-ins.

3. Watch for something for the
wall which now contains the
ivy shelf.
That seems undersized to me
now that I have moved the
Ivy Sconces to the other wall.

As for items on the table
I have brought out my
2002 Breast Cancer
Awareness basket.
Longaberger and
the American Cancer Society
worked together to make this
special pink basket.

We all know ladies who are currently
or have been impacted with Breast Cancer.
I intend to notice that basket daily
and pray for those like Terri and Deena.

Strong, lovely women fighting for
health and well being.
Terri's blog is private but
Deena shares her journey.
You'll find her here.

I put the white kitty down here
because it is much better able to
be seen at this level.

So a current photo of this
wall shows progress.
It is not complete...

it is definitely an adventure each week to see
what will change in this room.
Each thing seems small but I am attempting
to pay attention to detail and dress
the room with care and meaning.

Thanks for being an inspiration
and for coming along for the ride.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love reading nooks!

AkaPJTheGreat said...

The only thing I'm not feeling is the color of the frame, although I prefer the cream over the gold a thousand times I think the cream disappears onto your wall.

Other than that it looks great!

Vee said...

It's coming along beautifully...
What a difference changing the color of the frame made! Wow!

Tracy said...

The table and chair look much better together!

(Our dog wasn't happy in her crate either, and now that hse is 3 we don't use it anymore, but OH, how I love crate training!

Elena said...

Good job! It looks really nice.

Jerri said...

The cream frame made all the difference in the world. It really accentuated the roses. By the way, I have a dog crate in my living room too. Gotta love those pets......


Karen said...

The picture was a nice find!

Vickie said...

Good job, Becky. Big changes here and it looks great - I like your reading nook. And I like that you took the 2 paintings from over the EC and have done a small/large one there but everything is still balanced. Looks good!

Persuaded said...

I'll chime in with the other ladies to say that I heartily approve of the cream frame.. it really makes those roses in the picture seem right at home in your living room. And I love the reading nook with the chair and table together... looks like a nice place for one to have devotions♥

Lisa said...

I love the frame too. I'm wondering (just a thought) if a cranberry shade would make the colors of your new picture stand out more. Then I would wonder if a cranberry shade would be too much cranberry? HOWEVER, I LOVE cranberry colors...just an idea. I love the new picture!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Becky Sweetie...
How beautiful everything looks. I too love the chair by the table and that lamp is gorgeous. What an element of surprise it is. I love the little roses on the front, and that burgundy color is so rich. I too love that lamp. The picture really makes the roses on the lamp pop, and I love the soft cream color of the frame now. It was worth the money.

I've looked at the lampshade for some time now, and with the rich colored chair and the rose trim on the base, it sure would be pretty to get a lampshade that has some trim or beads to the top and bottom, bringing color to it, to match the lamp and chair color. It has that old parlor look to it.
Just a thought to throw in your mind when searching.

I so love your breast cancer basket. It is so pretty and your kitty just looks mischevious laying there beside it.

Just beautiful Becky, beautiful.
Have a great Friday sweetie. Country hugs and much love...Sherry