Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When Mikey Dreams....

It usually involves a red
bike. A bike with an engine.

This winter has been so hard on
him. All of the snow makes it
so hard to ride.

Notice that I said hard,
not impossible.

He still goes out for very
short periods of time.
Returning very frustrated.

Monday afternoon he got stuck
trying to use a snowbank as a ramp.
I had to chuckle as I looked out to
see him with two neighbors trying to
get the dirt bike free.

It is a passion with him.
I actually admire it.
The skill, the boldness.

I also fear it.
He always pushes it
to the
next level.

This is when I know that I
have to leave Mikey in God's
hands. At the age of seventeen
the time has come for this young
man to make many of his own decisions
when it comes to things like this.
Before we know it he will be
living on his
own and making choices

I bit my tongue when he chose to
attempt the snow ramp - and he
learned something. He showed me
the bruises yesterday. Wow!
Letting them learn the hard way...
that is tough.
But it is often
necessary at this stage.

Any helpful hints?

Have you been through this as
a parent?

Were you an active teen who had
to learn the hard way?

I acknowledge that we are very
blessed that Mikey's passion is
a dirt bike and not some of the
other vices that so often grab
young people.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Love the photos of Mikey with his motorcycle!

I have learned to let that apron string go with the young men...God put that boldness in Mikey for His purposes in Mikey's life.

I loved the scenery in the photos the snow melt here it is a muddy mess...did you see we are in for 50 degree whether this coming week? Yea!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, Every now and then you write a post that just makes me want to hug you! Your son looks like a terrific kid and maybe a little bit of a daredevil. That you appreciate that personality trait in him just shows that you are a wonderful and nurturing mother.
♥, Susan

Vickie said...

Hey Becky. Having raised two sons into their 20's, YES, there are times when you have to let go. You can teach and warn and give advice, but ultimately you have to let them do what they're going to do, good or bad, right or wrong.
Mikey is obviously very experienced at what he does (let's hope he doesn't go for any world records) and he probably knows how far he can go. Cycling is a challenge & an adrenalyn rush and I'm sure he's always trying to push the envelope at this dangerous sport. 17 is not too old to still caution him tho.

Mrs. Rabe is right in that it's the Lord's design that men make their own decisions and do what they feel is right - they'll be the leader of their family someday. They'll be able to pass their experiences down to their kids (as we all do). It comes with some hard knocks - as we've learned by experience. Some of them are life-changing, and some have tough consequences. The best and most important thing that you can do is PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, and I know in my heart that you're already doing that!

I have one cautious son and one daredevil son myself, and I can tell you we've sprouted more grey hairs over the daredevil that we care to count! He's 24 and we're still spending alot of time on our knees for this kid. God bless you and Mr. Mikey!

Vee said...

Yes, have been there with the mudding scene and big trucks. I may not have bit my tongue quite as well as you, but I did realize that I needed to allow my son to do a few things and learn on his own. I do remember very distinctly saying, "You know, a very simple thing, one unwise decision, can cost you your life." Of course, that is true for all of us, is it not?

Anonymous said...

With prayer let them go! Even daughter's!

Joyce said...

Like you say let them learn and I say let them flap their wings and go but often I had to shut my eyes so I would not faint myself:) I am headed up to the Philly Flower Show on Sunday and can't wait!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky!

What a beautiful post my friend. As I have often told you before, yours is a special place for me indeed.

The photos of Mikey are so handsome, I know you must be so proud of him. What a special and loving Mom Mickey has.:o)



Brittany Ann said...

I've heard God sends us little boys to keep us on our knees in prayer! I think it has to be because of passions like this! Good learning experiences for them, but tests of faith for their mothers!