Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Places, New Treasures

Sally, at the Smiling Sally Blog has
made me think this morning. It didn't
seem like a deep post, really. She
featured her beautiful Crepe Myrtles
as a part of Pink Saturday and mentioned
how much she will miss them since she
is about to move.

If you have ever moved you would surely
agree that there is always that something
with which it is hard to part.

We have moved a lot.
I happen to love moving.

Every time there was something that I
knew I would miss. A special plant,
or a nook in the house that was special.

But, soon, in our new place I would discover
something equally as wonderful and special.

Leap with me here.

That got me thinking about our fear of
death. We all have things about this life
that we adore. What we are moving on to
we aren't so sure about. Of course, the
Christian believes that is will be great.
We do, right?
But, there is always that underlying uncertainty
because we have not experienced it.

I was thinking this morning, that particular
move will be the most incredible exchange of
favorites ever!!!

Takes some of the "sting" out of death when
we look at it that way.

I hope Sally's new house has something
she loves just as much as the crepe myrtle.

I am just guessing that it will.

Have a great weekend.

We are off to look at garage doors!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Smilingsal said...

How honored I am that you mentioned me! I love your "leap" and know that Heaven will be much preferred over the things of earth.

JD said...

I had to go look at Sally's post, and thank you for sharing. It is a beautiful photo/with a favorite poem of mine. I can see how she will miss that...
Unlike you, Becky, The thought of moving would terrify me, we have lived in our present home for a long time, and I'm not comfortable with change...But I do know whenever God Closes one door...He opens another.

Anonymous said...

loved reading your post - hope you successfully chose a door; )