Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Will Rejoice!

In times of struggle and
stress it is so easy to
lose focus and begin to
see only the challenges
which face us.

This has been a struggle
over the past two weeks.

Rather than keeping the
joy of Jesus I have been
guilty of feeling sick to
my stomach from the stresses
of hurting relationships.

While it is normal for
things to come up between
friends it seems that nearly
every relationship we cherish
has been challenged lately.

Even one of Chelsea's
long-time very dear
friends has gone MIA
from her life.
It all hurts...a lot!

However, we must focus on the
One who is our Best Friend.

The One who is closer than a
brother. Seeking His will.
Being obedient to Him.

But even through the hard times
we are rejoicing in the ways we
see the Lord at work in lives,
ours and our children.


God is worthy of our Praise.
None of these things are a
surprise to Him.
All of the things from the
past two weeks will be for
our benefit and His Glory.

Lord, keep us focused on YOU.
May we grow in love and grace.
Help our children to learn
about friendship and love.
May they find comfort in
Your peace. Please be at
work in our lives to smooth
out our rough edges and make
us who You want us to be.
In Jesus Name,

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

This is one of the hardest things our Lord puts in front of us, the failings of our friends and ourselves, but I believe it is to remind us that the one unfailing faith belongs to Him. What a hard lesson to learn but one that follows us forever. It helps us to forgive one another more readily when we recognize that only God can be trusted to be perfect in love. Hope your day is a good one.

Carol said...

Awesome post Becky! Truly words of wisdom. . .


Karen said...

Different circumstances-but the same need to trust and give glory to God-going on here.

Praying for you, dear friend.

~~Deby said...

Boy ....I know this one...these kinds of hurts and disappointments..they can hurt deep...this I know in my *head*....I don't want anyone in my life the Lord doesn't want...I know..I know...yes...easier said than done..it still hurts..it hurts when it is friends or family..but we get stronger, somehow...you and yours will too....keep trusting Becky...
I will pray too

judy said...

Oh, how I wish we could just "fix" all of our children's problems, especially when it comes to friendships. Kara has had her ups and downs this year as well with friendships. I think she has learned a great deal but I am also sure that she has much to learn in the future. Girls can be especially tough on each other and it breaks my heart to hear and see some of what goes on. However, I have tried to inspire Kara to "rise above" all of the cattiness and take the higher road. I definitely think the social aspect of school can be harder to learn than the academics!!! Anyway, I hope all is well and Chelsea is always welcome at our house! Kara and Chelsea had a ball in the pool on Sunday... just laughing and playing. Jack even got in on the fun and the 3 of them got along very well....

Becky K. said...

Thank you, so much, Friends, for your kind words. You made the tears flow.

Much Love,

Smilingsal said...

As we age, we change. Friends leave, but new friends come into our lives. This is one of the hardest things for me too. Like your daughter, I want everyone to always love me!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, dear,

This is hard. Friendships can end after amazing amounts of time and love. I believe this is why God instructs us to put our faith in Him and not in people. We are supposed to love others but NEVER place God out of order....He comes first!

May God richly bless you and heal any wounds and your sweet daughter also.

Hugs and blessings this day,

Persuaded said...

wow becky.. i have been going through this same kind of thing, and it is so very painful. it's hard to know what to do... i liked what deby said: "I don't want anyone in my life the Lord doesn't want...I know..I know...yes...easier said than done..it still hurts..it hurts when it is friends or family..but we get stronger, somehow.."

she's a smart gal, that deby;)

Lisa said...

This is the second post I've read in 10 minutes that really speaks to me, like I need to be spoken to. Thank you!!

Tracy said...

A very thoughtful and uplifting post, Becky...thank you! I think we all encounter times when people seem to be disappearing from our lives for many reasons. People circle in and our of our lives. Try as we may to nurture our relationships, some do slip away sadly. I am so sorry you all are dealing with this kind of pain. It does hurt, it hurts bad. And it's ok to acknowledge that pain. But it is also rewarding in time to turn that around to joy of living and life again with the help of prayer and reflection. Sometimes it is best to let toxic people go from our lives for our greater good. We feel not nice by letting people go like that, but in the long run better for us and likely them to. Having lately experienced the loss/death of my grandmother lately I am very in tune with relationships and their place in my life just now. Your post really struck a chord. Great to catch up with you here after we're back from our trip. Thanks for you lovely comment yesterday--very much appreciated. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

jAne said...

((((( Becky and family )))))

hugs and prayer,
jAne at tickleberryfarm.blogspot.com